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Molecular Devices, Drug & Market Development Publications, GE Healthcare


Molecular Devices said last week that it has introduced the Transil Membrane Affinity and Transil Human Serum Albumin Binding assay kits. According to MD, the Transil Membrane Affinity assay uses beads that are coated with a lipid bilayer that mimic interactions between compounds and cell membranes. The Transil HSA Binding assay contains beads that have been coated with human serum albumin and pre-dispensed into a microplate format, which increases throughput on the company's SpectraMax microplate readers. Both kits are available in 96- or 384-well microplate formats, MD said.

Drug & Market Development Publications has released a new report entitled Proteases as Drug Targets: Technologies and Opportunities for Drug Discovery. According to D&MD, the report reviews the global protease market, discussing strategies to design peptidomimetic and non-peptidomimetic competitive inhibitors, as well as other types of inhibitors. The report also describes the main disease areas where proteases or their inhibitors are involved, including infectious diseases, inflammation and wounds, cancer, cardiovascular conditions and neurodegenerative diseases. Key companies active in the protease drug discovery area are profiled in the report.

GE Healthcare announced this week the launch of AKTAcrossflow, a fully automated, small-scale protein purification system designed to simplify cross flow membrane selection and process development. The system package includes hardware, software and membrane devices, GE said. It can be applied to sample volumes from 25 milliliters up to liter volumes.