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IP Update: Recent Patents Awarded to Waters, Singulex, and More


Recent Patents of Interest in Proteomics

US Patent No. 8,288,717. Apparatus and method for parallel flow ion mobility spectrometry combined with mass spectrometry. Inventor: Melvin Park. Assignee: Bruker Daltonics

Covers an instrument including an ion mobility section that uses the action of an RF quadrupolar field, the movement of a carrier gas, and axial DC field to separate ions based on their mobilities prior to their release into a mass analyzer.

US Patent No. 8,288,110. Biomarkers for detecting cancer. Inventors: Mary Lopez; Scott Kuzdal. Assignee: PerkinElmer Health Sciences

Covers biomarkers, compositions, and kits for use in detecting cancer in a subject as well as selecting a therapy.

US Patent No. 8,286,260. Protein Microscope. Inventors: Akos Vertes; Mark Reeves; Fatah Kashanchi. Assignee: George Washington University

Covers a system for analyzing and imaging a sample of interest by combining modified MALDI mass spectrometer and scanning near field optical microscope devices.

US Patent No. 8,283,625. Method of preparing sample for matrix-assisted laser desorption ionization mass spectrometry and matrix-assisted laser desorption ionization mass spectrometry. Inventors: Taka-aki Sato; Yutaka Aoki; Takashi Shimada; Atsuhiko Toyama. Assignee: Shimadzu

Covers a method of preparing samples for MALDI mass spec using a matrix that generates preferred crystals allowing for effective ionization of a target molecule.

US Patent No. 8,278,115. Methods for processing tandem mass spectral data for protein sequence analysis. Inventors: Joshua Coon; Gheorghe Craciun; Shane Hubler. Assignee: Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation

Covers a method of processing tandem mass spec data to determine polypeptide compositions by determining the mass of z-type product ions and thereby a putative chemical composition for a portion of these z-type ions and/or c-type product ions.

US Patent No. 8,278,111. Metal abstraction peptide (MAP) tag and associated methods. Inventors: Jennifer Laurence; Anthony Vartia; Mary Krause. Assignee: University of Kansas

Covers compositions of a tripeptide tagged so as to be capable of binding a metal.

US Patent No. 8,278,053. Methods of studying a biomarker, and methods of detecting a biomarker. Inventors: Gary Glazer; Samira Guccione; Sanjiv Gambhir; Aloma D'Souza. Assignee: Stanford University

Covers methods of detecting, localizing, and quantifying biomarkers.

US Patent No. 8,274,044. Mass spectroscope and mass spectrometry. Inventors: Shinji Yoshioka; Akihiro Takeda; Tsukasa Shishika. Assignee: Hitachi High-Technologies

Covers a mass spectroscope that combines and ion trap, electron capture dissociation, and a time-of-flight mass analyzer.

US Patent No. 8,274,043. Estimation of ion cyclotron resonance parameters in Fourier transform mass spectrometry. Inventors: Robert Grothe. Assignee: Cedars-Sinai Medical Center

Covers a method for accurate estimation of ion cyclotron resonance parameters in Fourier transform mass spectrometry to enable greater accuracy of mass-to-charge ratio of ions and thus better mass detection.

US Patent No. 8,273,859. Diagnostic agent and therapeutic agent for pancreatic cancer. Inventors: Hiroyuki Aburatani; Hiroko Iwanari; Isao Kohno. Assignees: Perseus Proteomics; University of Tokyo

Covers a blood marker for diagnostic and therapeutic use in pancreatic cancer.

US Patent No. 8,273,706. Isobarically labeled analytes and fragment ions derived therefrom. Inventors: Darryl Pappin; Subhasish Purkayastha; James Coull. Assignee: DH Technologies Development

Covers the use of isobarically labeled analytes in mass spec analysis.

US Patent No. 8,271,207. System and method for absolute quantitation of proteins using LC/MS. Inventors: Scott Geromanos; Jeffrey Silva; Hans Vissers; Guo-Zhong Li. Assignee: Waters

Covers a method for quantitation of a protein in a sample by comparing a sum or average of the highest ionization intensities observed for peptides of a particular protein to a calibration standard.

US Patent No. 8,271,203. Methods and systems for sequence-based design of multiple reaction monitoring transitions and experiments. Inventors: Christie Hunter; Alpesh Patel. Assignee: DH Technologies Development

Covers computer-implementable methods for designing selective-reaction monitoring experiments for identifying proteins and peptides of interest.

US Patent No. 8,269,163. Biomarkers of ionizing radiation. Inventor: Paul Pevsner. Assignee: New York University.

Covers protein markers for ionizing radiation along with methods of determining via these markers the amount of radiation therapy that has been delivered to a specific tissue and kits for assessing the likelihood of damage and illness due to elevated levels of ionizing radiation.

US Patent No. 8,268,264. Devices, systems and methods for separating magnetic particles. Inventor: Thomas Lenz. Assignee: Caprotec Bioanalytics

Covers a method and device for separating magnetic particles containing capture compounds on their surfaces without the need for pipettes or liquid handling devices.

US Patent No. 8,268,247. Electrophoresis extraction device. Inventor: Norberto Guzman. Assignee: Princeton Biochemicals

Covers an electrophoresis device comprising large-bore capillaries intersecting with small-bore capillaries with analyte concentrators at these intersections, allowing for two or more dimensions of separation.

US Patent No. 8,264,684. Scanning analyzer for single molecule detection and methods of use. Inventor: Richard Livingston. Assignee: Singulex.

Covers a single molecule analyzer using electromagnetic radiation translated through a sample to detect the presence or absence of a single molecule with zero carryover between samples.

US Patent No. 8,263,347. Biomarker for diagnosis of liver disease. Inventors: Hirohito Tsubouchi; Hirofumi Uto; Takeshi Okanoue; Yo-ichi Ishida; Yuko Sato; Masayuki Sudo. Assignees: Miyazaki Prefectural Industrial Support Foundation; Kagoshima University; Chugai Seiyaku

Covers a protein biomarker for liver disease as well as an antibody against this marker and methods for detection of the marker in blood or serum.

US Patent No. 8,263,072. ADAMTS4 as a blood biomarker and therapeutic target for chronic renal failure. Inventors: Lovorka Grgurevic; Slobodan Vukicevic. Assignee: Genera Istrazivanja

Covers the protein ADAMTS4 as a blood biomarker for chronic renal failure and as a therapeutic target for treating chronic renal failure.

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