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IP Update: Recent Patents Awarded to Waters, Life Tech, and More


Recent Patents of Interest in Proteomics

US Patent No. 8,642,534. Proteins and polynucleotides of Vibrio cholerae. Inventor: Fitnat Yildiz. Assignee: University of California

Covers use of proteins encoded by the rbmBCDEF gene cluster and by bap1 for Vibrio cholerae diagnostic, therapeutic, and environmental monitoring purposes.

US Patent No. 8,642,347. Urinary CA125 peptides as biomarkers of ovarian cancer. Inventors: Bin Ye; Daniel Cramer. Assignee: The Brigham and Women's Hospital

Covers the use of CA125 measurements in urine to determine risk of ovarian cancer, to monitor efficacy of treatment, or to determine if cancer has recurred or advanced.

US Patent No. 8,642,256. Kinase and ubiquination assays. Inventors: Kurt Vogel; Steven Riddle; Robert Horton; Matthew Robers; Gregory Michaud; Thomas Machleidt; Kevin Vedvik; Kristin Huwiler. Assignee: Life Technologies.

Covers antibodies, polypeptides, and organic molecules, kits, and methods for probing molecular interactions including deubiquination, ubiquination, and kinase activity using resonance energy transfer.

US Patent No. 8,639,447. Method for identifying peptides using tandem mass spectra by dynamically determining the number of peptide reconstructions required. Inventors: Sangtae Kim; Nitin Gupta; Pavel Pevzner. Assignee: University of California

Covers a method for identifying peptides using tandem mass spec by scoring matches between a spectrum and candidate peptides in a database and calculating the number of candidate peptides for each match score and the probability of a peptide have a given match score to the spectrum.

US Patent No. 8,637,325. Method and apparatus for pyrolysis-induced cleavage in peptides and proteins. Inventors: Franco Basile; Shaofeng Zhang. Assignee: University of Wyoming

Covers a method and apparatus for rapid pyrolysis of peptides, proteins, polymers, and biological materials.

US Patent No. 8,634,075. Scanning analyzer for single molecule detection and methods of use. Inventor: Richard Livingston. Assignee: Singulex.

Covers single molecule analyzers and use of these systems. The analyzer uses electromagnetic radiation to detect the presence or absence of a single molecule in a sample.

US Patent No. 8,633,031. Expression quantification using mass spectrometry. Inventor: Christine Hunter. Assignee: DH Technologies Development

Covers a method of determining the absolute concentration of one or more isoforms of a protein using standard samples of protein fragments and parent-daughter ion transition monitoring.

US Patent No. 8,632,993. Method for grass species identification. Inventors: Philippe Moingeon; Thierry Batard; Emmanue Nony. Assignee: Stallergenes

Covers the use of peptides for determining the presence of particular grass species.

US Patent No. 8,632,984. RBM3 as a marker for malignant melanoma prognosis. Inventors: Mathias Uhlen; Fredrik Ponten; Karin Jirstrom. Assignee: Atlas Antibodies

Covers use of the protein RBM3 to determine the prognosis of malignant melanoma patients.

US Patent No. 8,632,982. Biomarkers for liver injury. Inventors: Zhiyuan Hu; Christopher Lausted; Leroy Hood. Assignee: Institute for Systems Biology

Covers fourteen protein markers and their use in diagnosing liver injury.

US Patent No. 8,628,912. Biomarkers for diabetes, obesity, and/or hypertension. Inventors: William Hancock; Marina Hincapie; Disni Dayarathna. Assignee: Northeastern University

Covers protein biomarkers for identifying subjects having or being at risk for diabetes, obesity, or hypertension.

US Patent No. 8,623,667. Method for diagnosing cancer using lectin. Inventors: Hee Ahn; Shin Yoo; Min Shin; Sun Ji. Assignee: Korea Basic Science Institute

Covers a method of diagnosing cancer based on aberrant protein glycosylation by isolating the target glycoprotein using lectin.

US Patent No. 8,623,611. Glycoprotein cancer biomarker. Inventors: Michael Pierce; Karen Abbott. Assignee: University of Georgia

Covers diagnosis of cancer based upon the presence of a cancer-specific protein glycoform.

US Patent No. 8,623,608. Method for measuring glycoprotein, method for examining liver disease, reagent for quantitative determination of glycoprotein, and glycan-marker glycoprotein as an index for clinical conditions of liver disease. Inventors: Hisashi Narimatsu; Yuzuru Ikehara; Atsushi Kuno; Maki Sogabe; Yasuhito Tanaka; Masashi Mizokami; Kiyoaki Ito; Shunsuke Matsubara; Chikayuki Tsuruno; Youichi Takahama; Takashi Kagawa; Shinya Nagai. Assignees: Sysmex Corporation; National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology; Nagoya University; National Center for Global Health and Medicine

Covers a method for using lectins to measure at least one glycoprotein selected from AGP and M2BP for the detection of liver disease.

US Patent No. 8,621,915. Apparatus and methods for multidimensional analysis. Inventor: Hongji Liu. Assignee: Waters

Covers methods and apparatus for multidimensional analysis, particularly of complex mixtures of peptides and proteins.