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IP Update: Recent Patents Awarded to Waters, Battelle, and More


Recent Patents of Interest in Proteomics

US Patent No. 8,447,527. Methods and apparatus for performing retention-time matching. Inventors: Marc Gorenstein; Scott Geromanos; Jeffrey Silva; Guo-Zhong Li. Assignee: Waters

Covers a method for matching a precursor ion with one or more related product ions using data sets obtained from sample injections including a precursor ion and product ions, normalizing these data sets in accordance with a single retention time for the precursor ion, and then establishing a predetermined retention time window with respect to this single retention time within which products ions are determined to be related to the precursor.

US Patent No. 8,445,706. Unnatural amino acids capable of covalently modifying protein phosphatases and their use as general and specific inhibitors and probes. Inventor: Kui Shen. Assignee: Northern Illinois University

Covers an unnatural amino acid with a phosphate mimicking group that can be used as a probe for binding protein phosphatases as a means of detecting the presence of disease.

US Patent No. 8,445,222. Predicting heart failure following myocardial infarction by protease and protease inhibitor profiling. Inventors: Francis Spinale; Robert Stroud; Michael Zile. Assignee: MUSC Foundation for Research Development

Covers methods for detecting or predicting diastolic heart failure by profiling matrix metalloproteinases and tissue inhibitors of MMPs.

US Patent No. 8,445,211. I-Plastin assay method for the in vitro diagnosis of colorectal cancer. Inventors: Monique Arpin; Nicole Battail-Poirot; Corinne Beaulieu; Jean-Philippe Charrier; Genevieve Choquet-Kastylevsky. Assignee: BioMerieux

Covers a method for diagnosing colorectal cancer by determining the presence of the I-Plastin protein.

US Patent No. 8,440,963. System and process for pulsed multiple reaction monitoring. Inventor: Mikhail Belov. Assignee: Battelle Memorial Institute

Covers a method of pulsed multiple-reaction monitoring mass spectrometry that uses pulsed ion injection mode to reduce background and increase signal to allow for quantitation of proteins and peptides at attomole levels.

US Patent No. 8,440,465. Methods and apparatus for fractionation-based chemical analyses. Inventors: Marc Gorenstein; Scott Geromanos; Jeffrey Silva; Guo-Zhong Li. Assignee: Waters

Covers a method for analyzing chemicals by fractionating a complex sample into at least two portions, performing LC-MS on the samples, and associating precursor ions observed via LC-MS with corresponding polypeptides based on the intensity ratios in the different samples.

US Patent No. 8,437,964. Systems and methods involving data patterns such as spectral biomarkers. Inventors: Arnon Chait; Boris Zaslavsky. Assignee: Analiza

Covers a method that uses comparative spectra of different biological samples to determine information patterns of species in a mixture that can be used as diagnostic biomarkers.

US Patent No. 8,436,535. Information acquisition method, information acquisition apparatus and disease diagnosis method. Inventors: Hiroyuki Hashimoto; Katsuaki Kuge; Manabu Komatsu; Kumi Nakamura; Kazuhiro Ban; Takeshi Imamura; Shin Kobayashi; Tadashi Okamoto. Assignee: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

Covers a method of acquiring information on a target by ionizing the target and collecting information on its mass via time-of-flight mass spectrometry.

US Patent No. 8,436,298. System and method for grouping precursor and fragment ions using selected ion chromatograms. Scott Geromanos; Jeffrey Silva; Guo-Zhong Li; Marc Gorenstein. Assignee: Waters

Covers a method of analyzing LC/MS data by initially grouping ions according to retention time followed by comparison of ion peak shapes to determine ions that should be excluded.

US Patent No. 8,431,886. Estimation of ion cyclotron resonance parameters in fourier transform mass spectrometry. Inventor: Robert Grothe. Assignee: Cedars-Sinai Medical Center

Covers a method and system for estimating the ion cyclotron resonance parameters in Fourier-transform mass spectrometry.

US Patent No. 8,431,521. Site-specific chemical modification of proteins at their N-termini, enabling the formation of homogeneous adducts. Inventors: Alexander Krantz; Peng Yu. Assignee: Advanced Proteome Therapeutics

Covers a method of modifying proteins at the N-termini to form homogeneous adducts that can be used in applications including radio-labeling, molecular imaging, and treatment of various diseases.