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IP Update: Recent Patents Awarded to UCLA, Moffitt, and More


Recent Patents of Interest in Proteomics

US Patent No. 8,574,860. Biomarkers for the detection and screening of down syndrome. Inventors: Eleftherios Diamandis; Jane Cho; Eduardo Martinez Morillo. Assignee: University Health Network

Covers assays for screening for risk of Down syndrome by measuring the level of at least one biomarker selected from mucin 13, bile salt-activated lipase, dipeptidyl peptidase 4, carboxypeptidase A1, amyloid precursor protein, or tenascin-C.

US Patent No. 8,574,856. Methods for determining the efficiency of a therapeutic. Inventors: Richard Selinfreund; Rakesh Vig; Richard Gill. Assignee: Companion Diagnostics

Covers a method for determining the efficacy of a therapeutic by comparing the profile of a diagnostic marker in a treated sample with that of a previously generated marker profile.

US Patent No. 8,574,543. Method of isotope labeling and determining protein synthesis, quantitation and protein expression. Inventors: Wai-Nang Lee; Guishan Xiao. Assignee: Los Angeles Biomedical Research Institute at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center

Covers a method of isotopically labeling a newly synthesized protein to sufficiently alter its spectra and to then to determine ratios of new to pre-existing proteins via mass spec.

US Patent No. 8,569,687. Mass spectrometer. Inventors: Robert Bateman; Kevin Giles; Steven Pringle; Jason Woldgoose. Assignee: Micromass UK

Covers a mass spectrometer comprising an ion mobility spectrometer and an ion guide arranged downstream of this ion mobility spectrometer with a plurality of axial potential wells created in this ion guide so that ions received from the ion mobility spectrometer become confined in separate axial potential wells.

US Patent No. 8,569,481. Capture compounds, collections thereof and methods for analyzing the proteome and complex compositions. Inventors: Hubert Koster; Suhaib Siddigi; Daniel Little. Assignee: Pharmaceuticals

Covers multifunctional reagents that allow for the separation and isolation of complex proteins mixtures. The reagents are composed such that Z is a trityl derivative; X, the reactivity function, covalently binds to amino acid side chains of proteins; Y, the selectivity function, modulates binding of X to the amino acid side chains in proteins such that X binds to fewer proteins when Y is present than in its absence; and Q permits separation or immobilization of the capture compound.

US Patent No. 8,569,071. Amine-containing compound analysis methods. Inventors: Subodh Nimkar; Subhasish Purkayastha; Darryl Pappin; Scott Daniels. Assignee: DH Technologies Development

Covers methods for analyzing amine-containing compounds using isobaric labels and precursor-product ion transition monitoring.

US Patent No. 8,568,993. Detection of glycopeptides and glycoproteins for medical diagnostics. Inventors: Fred Regnier; Stephen Hooser; Christina Wilson; Wonryeon Cho. Assignee: Purdue Research Foundation

Covers a diagnostic method involving measuring the amounts and types of glycopeptides in a sample and comparing these to the amounts and types in a reference sample.

US Patent No. 8,568,988. Use of CFH or ApoH as a biochemical diagnostic marker for complete remission in acute myeloid leukemia. Inventor: Won Lee. Assignee: Industry Foundation of Chonnam National University.

Covers the use of CFH or ApoH in patient sera to determine remission in acute myeloid leukemia.

US Patent No. 8,563,323. Using plasma proteomic pattern for diagnosis, classification, prediction of response to therapy and clinical behavior, stratification of therapy, and monitoring disease in hematologic malignancies. Inventors: Maher lbitar; Elihu Estey; Hagop Kantarjian; Francis Giles; Michael Keating. Assignee: University of Texas

Covers the use of plasma protein profiles generated by mass spec for diagnosing and predicting clinical behavior of patients with hematologic malignancies.

US Patent No. 8,563,235. Biomarkers of biliary tract cancer. Inventors: Shintaro Kikkawa; Kazuyuki Sogawa; Osamu Yokosuka; Fumio Nomura. Assignee: National University Corporation Chiba University

Covers the use of a fragment of prothrombin with m/z of 4204 as a biomarker for biliary tract cancer.

US Patent No. 8,557,526. Synaptotagmin and collapsin response mediator protein as biomarkers for traumatic brain injury. Inventors: Andrew Ottens; Firas Kobaissy; Ka-Wang Wang; Ronald Hayes; Zhiqun Zhang; Chen Liu; Monika Oli. Assignees: University of Florida; Banyan Biomarkers.

Covers the use of collapsing response mediator proteins as biomarkers for traumatic brain injury and recovery from the same.

US Patent No. 8,557,516. AKT tyrosine 176 phosphorylation cancer biomarker. Inventors: Nupan Magajan; Kiran Mahajan. Assignee: H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center and Research Institute.

Covers use of expression levels of yr176-phosphorylated-AKT and Tyr284-phosphorylated-Ack1 as biomarkers for tracking disease progression and predicting survival in breast, prostate, lung, and pancreatic cancer patients.

US Patent No. 8,557,199. Self-powered microfluidic devices, methods and systems. Inventors: James Heath; Lidong Qin. Assignee: California Institute of Technology.

Covers a power source for a microfluidic device.

US Patent No. 8,551,716. Methods for screening cells and antibodies. Inventors: Christine Genick; Lance Laing; Peter Li; Timothy Smith; Lara Madison; Bo Lin. Assignee: X-Body

Covers methods of detecting changes in cell growth patterns, methods of screening many antibodies in one receptable, and methods of detecting specific binding of an antibody to a protein or cell.

US Patent No. 8,546,089. CMYBP-C and MLC2 as diagnostic markers of cardiac injury. Inventors: Manuel Mayr; Sebastien Jacquet; Michael Marber; Mathias Gautel. Assignee: King's College London

Covers the use of cardiac myosin binding protein C or myosin regulatory light chain 2 as biomarkers for acute myocardial infarction or reinfarction.