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IP Update: Recent Patents Awarded to Qiagen, Singulex, and More


Recent Patents of Interest in Proteomics

US Patent No. 8,471,201. Methods and apparatus for ion sources, ion control and ion measurement for macromolecules. Inventor: Andreas Heike. Assignee: Andreas Heike

Covers methods and systems relating to ion sources with controlled electro-pneumatic superposition, ion sources synchronized to RF multipole, ion sources with charge injection, optimized control in active feedback system, radiation supported charge-injection liquid spray, and ion sources with controlled liquid injection.

US Patent No. 8,462,339. Scanning analyzer for single molecule detection and methods of use. Inventor: Richard Livingston. Assignee: Singulex

Covers a single molecule analyzer that uses electromagnetic radiation translated through the sample to detect the presence of a single target molecule with zero carryover between samples.

US Patent No. 8,460,940. Method for analysing a complex sample by mass spectrometry. Inventors: Christoph Menzel; Christian Feckler; Udo Roth; Kerstin Steinert. Assignee: Qiagen

Covers a method using MALDI mass spectrometry for analyzing the presence of target analytes in complex samples by applying a sample to a microcrystalline MALDI matrix spot, washing it, and then analyzing it via mass spec.

US Patent No. 8,460,889. Methods and compositions for diagnosis or prognosis of cardiovascular disease. Inventors: Jay Heinecke; Tomas Vaisar; Bryan Prazen; Erik Nilsson. Assignees: University of Washington; Insilicos

Covers methods of screening subjects for cardiovascular disease or risk of cardiovascular disease using at least two biomarkers from the group consisting of apoA-I, apoA-II, apoB-100, Lp(a), apoC-I, and apoC-III, combinations or portions and/or derivatives thereof.

US Patent No. 8,457,900. Method for identification and sequencing of proteins. Inventors: Pavel Pevzner; Nuno Bandeira; Dekel Tsur. Assignee: The University of California

Covers a method of identification and sequencing of proteins in which protein samples are processed to create a mixture of modified and unmodified peptide pairs allowing correlations between MS/MS spectra of these peptide pairs to be used to reduce noise in individual MS/MS spectra, allowing for identification of peptides and modifications through fast pattern matching.

US Patent No. 8,455,818. Mass spectrometry data acquisition mode for obtaining more reliable protein quantitation. Inventors: Joshua Coon; Douglas Phanstiel; Craig Wenger, Assignee: Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation

Covers methods for analyte quantitation via mass spec in which the amount of interference in a precursor ion isolation window is determined, allowing for reduction of interference in the subsequent MS/MS scan and improved quantitative accuracy.

US Patent No. 8,455,208. Biomarkers for follicular thyroid carcinoma and methods of use. Inventors: Stephen Hunsucker; Bryan Haugen; Mark Duncan; Romana Maier. Assignee: The University of Colorado

Covers protein biomarkers for determining whether a thyroid nodule is malignant or benign.

US Patent No. 8,455,202. Affinity selector based recognition and quantification system and method for multiple analytes in a single analysis. Inventors: Fred Regnier; Nicholas Herold; Kevin Meyer. Assignee: Perfinity Biosciences

Covers multi-dimension methods for simultaneously measuring multiple analytes in a sample solution by affinity capture of the target analytes followed by mass spec analysis.

US Patent No. 8,455,196. Biomarker for identifying subgroup of early-stage lung adenocarcinoma patients. Inventor: Jin-Mei Lai. Assignee: ND

Covers T-lymphokine-activated killer cell-originated protein kinase as a biomarker for identifying the subgroup of early-stage lung adenocarcinoma patients in early-stage non-small cell lung cancer.

US Patent No. 8,450,465. Methods of isolating peptides using surface-free affinity purification. Inventor: Calvin Wiese. Assignee: Wellspring Clinical Lab

Covers a method for combining surface-free isolation, specific competitive elution, dual epitope isolation, and protective solvents in a single column for purifying low abundance peptides for injection into a mass spectrometer.

US Patent No. 8,450,069. Highly sensitive biomarker panels. Inventors: Philippe Goix; J. Robert Puskas; John Todd; Richard Livingston; Douglas Held; Sara Le. Assignee: Singulex

Covers multi-marker immunoassays for congestive heart failure consisting of cardiac and vascular inflammation biomarkers including cTnI, BNP, IL-6, TNF.alpha, and IL-17a.

US Patent No. 8,449,748. Sample separation/adsorption appliance. Inventors: Uichi Midorikawa; Takateru Matsunaga; Yuji Maruo; Yutaka Unuma; Atsunori Hiratsuka; Hideki Kinoshita; Kenji Yokoyama.

Covers a sample separation/adsorption device consisting of two buffer solution tanks each with an electrode along with a sample separation section and conductive medium in contact with a sample adsorption member, allowing for transfer of samples.

US Patent No. 8,449,744. MS-compatible nonionic or zwitterionic surfactants in free-flow electrophoresis. Inventors: Mikkel Nissum. Assignee: Becton, Dickinson and Company

Covers use of mass spec compatible surfactants in free-flow electrophoretic methods, allowing for separation of analytes with different electrophoretic mobility.