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IP Update: Recent Patents Awarded to IBM, DiabetOmics, and More


US Patent No. 8,502,137. Mass spectrometry systems. Inventor: Robert Grothe. Assignee: Cedars-Sinai Medical Center

Covers methods for mass spectrometry analysis, calibration, data collection, and identification of proteins and peptides, including a phase-modeling analysis for identification of proteins and peptides.

US Patent No. 8,501,669. Systems and methods of screening biomarkers in bodily fluids. Inventors: Richard Selinfreund; Rakesh Vig; Richard Gill. Assignee: Companion Diagnostics

Covers systems and methods of screening biomarkers in bodily fluids including a detection device capable of determining binding between detection agents and diagnostic markers and comparing this binding characteristic among a plurality of markers.

US Patent No. 8,501,486. Materials and methods for isolating phosphopeptides. Inventor: Andy Tao. Assignee: Purdue Research Foundation

Covers a composition for isolating phosphopeptides consisting of a soluble nanopolymer core functionalized with groups having an affinity for either metal ion or metal oxides.

US Patent No. 8,501,421. Method for high throughput peptide/protein assay generation and assays generated therewith. Inventors: Rudolf Aebersold; Paola Picotti; Oliver Rinner; Johan Malmstroem. Assignee: ETH Zurich

Covers a method of determining an MRM or SRM assay for a protein, proteins, or proteome of interest by analyzing proteotypic peptides of the target proteins by SRM followed by optimizing this assay to determine the SRM coordinates of the protein of interest along with a regulator of interest, allowing the use of elution times to trigger the acquisition of the SRM traces targeted in a given sample.

US Patent No. 8,500,981. Electrophoresis apparatus and electrophoresis method. Inventors: Koji Sakairi; Satonari Akutsu; Yuji Maruo; Takateru Matsunaga; Yutaka Unuma; Atsunori Hiratsuka; Hideki Kinoshita; Nao Sakaguchi; Kenji Yokoyama. Assignees: Toppan Printing; Sharp

Covers an electrophoresis apparatus in which a sample-separating medium can be connected with a sample containing medium, improving the accuracy of the technique.

US Patent No. 8,497,137. Smart hydrogel particles for biomarker harvesting. Inventors: Alessandra Luchini; Lance Liotta; Emanuel Petricoin; Barney Bishop; Caterina Longo; Virginia Espina; Alexis Patanarut. Assignee: ND

Covers capture particles for harvesting analytes from solution. The particles contain affinity monomers for capturing target analytes and pore sizes that can be changed upon application of a stimulus to retain analytes of interest.

US Patent No. 8,497,077. Methods for detecting pre-diabetes and diabetes using differential protein glycosylation. Inventors: Srinivasa Nagalla; Charles Roberts. Assignee: DiabetOmics

Covers the use of a glycosylation profile of proteins in a biological fluid to identify pre-diabetic individuals.

US Patent No. 8,497,076. Methods for detecting pre-diabetes and diabetes using differential protein glycosylation. Inventors: Srinivasa Nagalla; Charles Roberts. Assignee: DiabetOmics

Covers the use of a glycosylation profile of proteins in a biological fluid to identify pre-diabetic individuals.

US Patent 8,492,100. Autoantibodies for protein antigens as markers for cancer of gingivo-buccal complex. Inventors: Mahesh Zingde; Sanjeev Shukla; Ravi Sirdeshmukh; Sreenivasacharlu Sundaram; Keith D'Cruz; Alok Pathak; Vijay Kane. Assignee: Council of Scientific and Industrial Research

Covers the use of autoantibody response to single or several protein antigens linked to cancer of the gingivo-buccal complex as markers of cancer for use in screening, early detection, prognosis, and potential targets of therapy.

US Patent No. 8,491,871. Method for assessing risk of heart failure. Inventor: Peter Kavsak. Assignee: McMaster University

Covers a method of determining risk of heart failure by measuring the level of the proteins L-6, MCP-1, IL-10, VEGF, and EGF where positive result of at least three of these markers is indicative of a risk of heart failure.

US Patent No. 8,491,791. Fluidics device. Inventors: Lee Lomas; Jian Ding; Egisto Boschetti. Assignee: Bio-Rad Laboratories

Covers a device for separating a sample containing more than one unique species into any number of desired sub-samples by passing it across a like number of separation media. These sub-samples may be further separated.

US Patent No. 8,487,244. Laser ablation electrospray ionization (LAESI) for atmospheric pressure, in vivo, and imaging mass spectrometry. Inventors: Akos Vertes; Peter Nemes. Assignee: The George Washington University.

Covers a process to combine infrared laser ablation with electospray ionization for mass spectrometry.

US Patent No. 8,486,712. Deuterium isobaric tag reagents for quantitative analysis. Inventors: Shuwei Li, Dexing Zeng. Assignee: University of Maryland

Covers deuterium isobaric tag reagents for the quantitation of biomolecules.

US Patent No. 8,486,619. Arrayed imaging reflectometry (air) sensor chip comprising influenza hemagglutinin (HA) polypeptides suitable for the detection of antiviral immune responses. Inventors: Benjamin Miller, Tom Mosmann, David Topham, Charles Mace. Assignee: University of Rochester.

Covers a sensor chip for detecting an immune response against an influenza virus by using a substrate with hemagglutinin polypeptides bound to discrete locations on the surface of the substrate.

US Patent No. 8,486,268. Precision peak matching in liquid chromatography-mass spectroscopy. Inventors: Peicheng Du; Frank Suits. Assignee: International Business Machines

Covers a method using "precision peak matching" to identify common peaks from different LC-MS runs, finding the maximum number of peptide pairs at a prescribed precision to allow control over the trade off between the number of true pairs missed and the number of false pairs counted.

US Patent No. 8,481,478. Method for automated, large-scale measurement of the molecular flux rates of the proteome or the organeome using mass spectrometry. Inventor: Marc Hellerstein. Assignee: The Regents of the University of California.

Covers a method for measuring the kinetics of proteins or metabolites in living systems by using mass spectrometry.

US Patent No. 8,481,283. Pressure-assisted molecular recovery (PAMR) of biomolecules, pressure-assisted antigen retrieval (PAAR), and pressure-assisted tissue histology (PATH). Inventors: Timothy O'Leary; Jeffrey Mason; Carol Fowler; Robert Cunningham. Assignee: The United States of America as Represented by the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Covers a method for reversing fixation-induced cross-linking in tissue specimens by placing the tissue in liquid under elevated temperature and pressure.

US Patent No. 8,481,281. Systems and methods for determining drug resistance in microorganisms. Inventors: Plamen Demirev; Nathan Hagan; Miquel Antoine; Jeffrey Lin; Andrew Feldman. Assignee: The Johns Hopkins University.

Covers a method to determine drug resistance in microorganisms using mass spectrometry by comparing biomarkers from an organism grown in drug containing isotopically labeled media compared to those from an organism grown in non-labeled media without the drug present and looking for a mass shift indicating that the organism is growing in the presence of the drug and incorporating the isotopic label.

US Patent No. 8,481,263. Bead-ligand-nascent protein complexes. Inventors: Mark Lim, Kenneth Rothschild. Assignee: Ambergen

Covers bead-ligand-nascent protein complexes and a method of creating and detecting them. PCR amplified product is attached to a bead surface and used to generate nascent proteins that are captured on the bead and detected by fluorescence.

US Patent No. 8,476,026. Biomarkers of ovarian cancer. Inventors: Ng Alex, Brian Liu. Assignee: The Brigham and Women's Hospital

Covers assays for biomarkers associated with ovarian cancer, including glass plates or slides on which the markers have been immobilized, and kits containing these plates.

US Patent No. 8,476,008. Methods for detecting pre-diabetes and diabetes. Inventors: Srinivasa Nagalla; Charles Roberts; Rao Paturi. Assignee: DiabetOmics

Covers methods for diagnosing diabetes and pre-diabetes using biomarkers identified in a biological fluid using proteomic methods.