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Gentel, Bio-Rad Laboratories

GenTel last week launched the APiX GlycoBiomarker Array Kit for multiplex profiling of glycans on serum glycoproteins.
The kit is based on technology licensed from the Van Andel Research Institute and contains an antibody microarray engineered to capture specific glycoproteins of interest from serum samples and to detect glycan patterns using biotinylated lectins.The kit features chemical derivitization of the immobilized capture antibodies that prevents non-specific binding of the lectins to glycans.

Bio-Rad Laboratories last week introduced the Bio-Rad iMark absorbance microplate reader and the Bio-Rad xMark absorbance microplate spectrophotometer. The company also released the Microplate Manager 6 software to operate the new readers and analyze data.
The iMark is designed for routine colorimetric assays in microplate format, such as ELISA, protein quantitation, and cell proliferation assays, the company said. The xMark is for absorbance spectrophotometry applications such as protein spectral detection colorimetric assays, and compounds and cell screening.