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GenoLogics, Eksigent, Nonlinear Dynamics, Bio-Rad Laboratories, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Millipore, AnaSpec

GenoLogics this week launched the Proteus-Analytics software at the Association of Biomolecular Resource Facilities conference. GenoLogics partnered with Proteome Software on the proteomics solution bundle, combining GenoLogics' Proteus LIMS and data management platform with Proteome Software's ScaffoldBatch analysis system to make high-throughput, high accuracy protein identification manageable, GenoLogics said in a statement.

Also at ABRF, Eksigent launched the NanoLC MALDI Spotting system for its nanoflow chromatography product line. The system features the new Ekspot spotter. According to the company, the Ekspot spotter/fraction collector deposits fractions eluted from the NanoLC onto a MALDI plate while a built-in pump automatically adds the matrix. The system stores up to 16 MALDI targets and improves reproducibility and sensitivity while eliminating solvent waste.

And Nonlinear Dynamics launched at the ABRF conference Progenesis SameSpots Version 2.0 for 2D image analysis, Progenesis LC-MS expression analysis software, and Progenesis Stats, a multivariate statistical analysis tool.
Progenesis SameSpots Version 2.0 now has features "to give even greater improvements in speed, objectivity, and statistical power," the company said in a statement, while Progenesis LC-MS applies the same technology developed for SameSpots but for mass spectrometry-based proteomics research. Progenesis Stats, the company said, "allows further interrogation of results generated from both Progenesis SameSpots and Progenesis LC-MS."

Bio-Rad Laboratories released its Precision Plus Protein WesternC offering of 10 prestained protein bands that can also be detected through chemiluminscent western blotting, and its Immun-Star WesternC kit for protein sizing and expression analysis.
The Precision Plus is applicable for all 1D gel electrophoresis experiments, the company said in a statement, and combines the convenience of prestained bands with western blot detection.
The Immun-Star is specifically designed for CCD imagers and generates an “intense signal immediately that is easily captured and repeatedly imaged by CCD cameras,” the company said.

Thermo Fisher Scientific last week introduced QuickQuan 2.0 for automating high-throughput LC-MS/MS assays. QuickQuan 2.0 is designed to relieve the bottleneck of sample analysis in early drug discovery, Thermo said in a statement, and delivers rapid LC-MS/MS optimization through an automated online infusion mode and valve switching design.

Millipore introduced this week its labeled secondary antibodies used in single- and double-labeling experiments. The antibodies can also be used for fluorescence-activated cell sorting, ELISA assay, detection assays, and Western blotting applications, the company said in a statement. The antibodies can be used to produce either a protein luminescence or to color the proteins so that they are visible on the membrane.

AnaSpec this week launched its Protein Labeling Kit, for the labeling of primary and secondary antibodies. The kit contains components for conjugation reaction and purification of dye-protein conjugates, the company said in a statement. The kit is available in two reaction sizes, micro-scale and larger scale.

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