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GE Healthcare, Beckman Coulter, Quantum Dot


GE Healthcare has announced the launch of Capto Q, the first in a new family of chromatography media for protein purification.

The new media features a high-capacity strong quaternary ammonium ion exchanger, coupled to a chemically modified high-flow agarose matrix, which enables high flow rates under low-pressure conditions, and thereby an efficient purification process, the company said.

Beckman Coulter announced this week the introduction of its Cell Lab IC 100 Image Cytometer. Based on unique imaging technology, the IC 100 enables the identification of cellular events such as signaling cascades, translocation, protein traction and migration, and surface and receptor activation.

“With the system, processes can be studied both spatially and temporally, in the context of the living cell,” the company said in a release. “Information gathered by the Cell Lab IC 100 can be used to develop cell-based assays that identify and validate potential disease targets and to measure cellular response to potential therapeutics.”

Quantum Dot launched last week its Qdot Western Blotting Kits. The kits provide a simple protocol for measuring fusion protein expression and induction, the company said. Blots labeled with Qdot conjugates are detectable on a wide variety of gel, fluorescence, and chemiluminescent imaging systems.