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Encyclopedia Proteomics, Incyte Genomics, Gene Network Sciences


Encyclopedia Proteomics, a spinoff from the San Diego Supercomputer Center, is now taking orders for its Custom Proteome Annotation service, derived from the SDSC’s Encyclopedia of Life (EOL) project. Early subscribers pay between $50,000 and $350,000 for annotation services for seven years, and receive a one-third discount on the annual subscription fee for the completed catalog of protein annotations, called Proteome Encylopedia, a three-month black-out on the use of custom annotation by other customers; and shared IP rights for some custom annotation.

Incyte Genomics has released BioKnowledge Retriever, a search and data analysis tool for the Proteome BioKnowledge Library, a collection of genomic databases containing information on more than 75,000 human, mouse, rat, worm, yeast, and other proteins. BioKnowledge Retriever will enable subscribers to the BioKnowledge Library to evaluate proteins curated to more than 7,000 gene ontology terms and to evaluate database information by specific gene properties such as expression, Pfam domain structure, and mutant phenotype.

Gene Network Sciences of Ithaca, NY, has launched VisualCell, a drawing software toolkit that enables large-scale cellular modeling using the company’s proprietary Diagrammatic Cell Language. Protein and mRNA data can be overlaid on the diagram and viewed. In addition, GNS has released Cell Navigator, a library of annotated pathways drawn in VisualCell by GNS biologists.