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DeNovoX, BioWorks 3.0, Shimadzu Biotech, Amersham Biosciences and Nonlinear Dynamics, PerkinElmer


Thermo Finnigan has released DeNovoX, a software package for fully-automated de novo sequencing of full or partial amino acid sequences of unknown peptides using full scan MS/MS data. The software is optimized for Thermo Finnigan ion trap instruments.

The company claims the new software package can determine the sequence of peptides with up to 14 amino acids, including those with post-translational modifications. The software, which consists of a search engine and an expert module, can also interpret data from triply-charged fragmentations, the company said.

The software was developed by Fernando Martin Maroto, a Thermo Finnigan employee, and Jesus Vasquez, who leads the Protein Chemistry and Proteomics Laboratory at the Centro de Biologia Molecular Severo Ochoa, part of the Universidad Autonoma of Madrid.

Thermo Finnigan has also released the BioWorks 3.0 software suite for manipulating and analyzing tandem mass spectrometry data collected using Thermo Finnigan LCQ series mass spectrometers.

BioWorks 3.0, an enhanced version of Finnigan’s TurboSEQUEST software, is designed to run on the Xcalibur platform, and includes interactive navigation tools that allow filtering and sorting of protein summaries. The updated database manager also allows the user to custom-build proprietary databases, index databases, and retrieve databases through a public server, the company said.

The new software includes tools for customizing and annotating spectral plots and chromatograms for professional publications, and the XPRESS tool for automating the differential expression of proteins.


Shimadzu Biotech said it will announce the launch of a new integrated gel-excision processor for proteomics at Pittcon in New Orleans.


Amersham Biosciences and Nonlinear Dynamics have integrated Nonlinear’s 1D gel analysis software with Amersham’s Ettan spot picking robot, the companies said last week.


PerkinElmer Life Sciences will display two new automated liquid handling and sample preparation offerings for use in drug discovery at Pittcon this week in New Orleans. The company will release the new Evolution P3 precision pipetting platform and the FlexDrop precision reagent dispenser. The company will also demonstrate the Kodak Image Station 1000, ultra-sensitive imager used in a wide range of biological research.

The Scan

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