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CPTAC Releases Proteomic Data from TCGA Colorectal Cancer Samples


The National Cancer Institute's Clinical Proteomic Tumor Analysis Consortium has publicly released its first proteomic data set.

Generated by Vanderbilt University's CPTAC Proteome Characterization Center led by researcher Daniel Liebler, the data consists of LC-MS/MS-based global proteomic profiles of 95 colorectal cancer samples that were also genomically characterized by The Cancer Genome Atlas effort.

Researchers interested in viewing the data can access it at the CPTAC Data Portal.

According to CPTAC, the consortium plans additional releases in the coming months, including a public assay portal for multiple-reaction monitoring mass spec assays; additional proteomic data sets including TCGA breast and ovarian cancer sets; and software to aid in the analysis of proteomic and genomic findings.