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Claude Lambert, Andre Bedard, Christopher Penney, Steve Burton, Mark Modzelewski, Lars Abrahmsen, Stefan Stahl


Claude Lambert has become vice president of finance and administration, and Andre Bedard has become vice president and chief operating officer of Montreal-based ProMetic Life Sciences. In addition, Christopher Penney has become chief scientific officer of therapeutics and Steve Burton has become CSO of enabling technology and executive vice president at ProMetic. Prior to joining ProMetic, Lambert was corporate vice president of finance and administration at Adaltis. Before that, he held a similar position at Picchio International. Lambert holds an MBA from McGill University.

Penney worked at three Canadian companies prior to joining ProMetic in 2001: BioChem Pharma, Agritech Research, and Connaught Laboratories. He holds a BS in biochemistry and a PhD in bio-organic chemistry from McGill.

Burton has previously been research and development manager and director at ProMetic. Before joining that company, he was a research scientist at Delta Biotechnology.

Mark Modzelewski has been named to the scientific advisory board of CombiMatrix. Modzelewski is the founder and executive director of the Nanobusiness Alliance, as well as a member of the nanotechnology technical advisory group to President Bush. He has taught classes on the business of nanotechnology at Northwestern University’s and New York University’s business schools, and served as an appointee in former US president Bill Clinton’s administration. Modzelewski holds degrees from the University of Denver College of Law and Boston University.

Lars Abrahmsen has become chief scientific officer of Uppsala, Sweden- based Affibody. Abrahmsen will take over for Stefan Stahl, one of Affibody’s founders, who will return to academia but will remain a scientific advisor for the company. Most recently, Abrahmsen was a senior project team leader at Biovitrum. He has worked extensively in the areas of protein pharmaceuticals and drug development, and conducted his post-doc work in the field of protein engineering, according to the company.

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