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Axela Biosensors, Thermo Electron, Varian, Agilent Technologies

Axela Biosensors launched last week its dotLab System, a benchtop platform for protein characterization and biomolecular interaction monitoring.
“The system accelerates immunoassay development and is the only platform able to contribute at each stage of he process including reagent characterization, antibody pairing and, cross reactivity studies,” the company said in a press release. Routine immunoassay testing can also be carried out on the system.

Thermo Electron introduced last week the DSQ II, a single quadrupole GC/MS system. The DSQ II incorporates the DynaMax XR ion detection system and DuraBrite ion source.
Thermo said the DynaMax XR system allows for linear quantitation “across six orders of magnitude and higher, increasing the effective analysis range of the instrument while decreasing sample preparation requirements.”
The DSQ II has scan speeds of greater than 11,000 amu per second, the industry’s fastest scanning capability by a single quadrupole system, the company said.

Varian this week introduced its Pursuit XRs Prep columns, designed for benchtop preparative liquid chromatography applications.
The Pursuit XRs Prep columns are an extension of Varian’s Pursuit XRs line of high-performance chromatography columns, the company said. The new columns, it said, “will help scientists, particularly those in pre-clinical development increase productivity by enabling more product to be purified in less time.”
The new columns are available with both C18 and silica phases.

Agilent Technologies launched a series of gas chromatograph/mass spectrometers that build on its flagship 5975 instruments. The 5975B Series MSD offers new software tools and “additional options for integrated autosamplers,” the company said. An oil-free pump “enhances productivity by significantly reducing the need for maintenance,” Agilent said.