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Ariadne Genomics, NextGen Sciences, Amersham Biosciences, Target Discovery, PerkinElmer


Ariadne Genomics announced last week the release of its PathwayAssist 2.0 software for the visualization and analysis of cell signaling pathways, molecular networks, and protein-protein interaction data. The software comes with MedScan for automated extraction of information from scientific literature, and ResNet, a molecular networks database compiled from Medline abstracts.

NextGen Sciences announced last week at the Proteome Forum in Munich the European launch of the a2DETM, an automated 2D gel system, and the expressionfactory, a platform for automated, high throughput protein expression and purification that the company says can produce in parallel hundreds of purified proteins.

Amersham Biosciences announced this week the launch of three new Biotrak ELISAs for detecting markers of neurodegenerative diseases. The ELISAs detect three markers — beta amyloid 1-40, beta amyloid 1-42, and synuclein — which are all implicated in Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease.

Target Discovery announced at the UBS Global Life Sciences Conference this week the launch of its EOTrol line of coating reagents for electrophoretic separations. The products improve reproducibility in capillary and microchannel electrophoretic separations and allows for a wider range of anion and cation separations than is otherwise available for full-proteome level work, according to the company.

PerkinElmer announced this week that it is launching seven new biomolecular screening products for high-throughput screening and liquid handling at the Society for Biomolecular Screening conference in Portland, Ore.

Highlights of the launch include FlashBlue GPCR beads for receptor-ligand binding applications, LumiTrak Luminescence Cellular and Scintillation Imaging System for fiber-optic imaging, ATPlite OneStep, MultiPROBE II PLUS, and FlexDrop.