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Agilent Technologies, Varian, Nonlinear Dynamics


Agilent Technologies has released two new products: Zorbax Poroshell 300SB columns for quick peptide mapping, and a Lys Tag 4H reagent kit for identification of rarer proteins.

The columns consist of an LC column packed with Porosell, a porous media that reduces the time required for peptide mapping of human monoclonal antibodies, according to the company. According to Agilent, using the column for peptide mapping reduces analysis time from 120 minutes to 20.5 minutes, but can be made to run in as short a time at 5.6 minutes, allowing for a 20-fold increase in speed, with a resolution loss of 18 to 19 percent. Poroshell consists of a solid silica core surrounded by a thin outer layer of porous silica. During separation, proteins and peptides can diffuse in and out of the thin porous shell and elute as bands.

Lys Tag 4H features a reagent for derivatization of lysine-containing peptides. Tagging with the reagent increases the detectability of lysine peptides up to 20 times, according to the company, counteracting the untreated effect of having greater sensitivity for arginine-derived peptides. The result is increased sequence coverage, according to Agilent. The kit contains 10 vials with 20 mg of reagent each, for use in up to 200 reactions. “This kit is easy to use and dramatically improves MALDI-MS signals of lysine-containing peptides,” beta-user Terry Lee of the Beckman Research Institute of the City of Hope, said in a statement.

Varian has released a line of Narrow Bore Triple Resonance MAS probes for NMR analysis of cellular proteins. The technology allows for NMR analysis of bio-solids, which often contain cellular proteins. NMR probes hold the sample inside the magnet, and transmits and detects RF signals that are then analyzed by back-end software. Varian’s probe is miniaturized so that it can fit in protein science labs’ narrower bore spectrometers. The miniature probe allows labs to use cheaper narrow bore spectrometers when analyzing solids.

Nonlinear Dynamics has released an update on its Progenesis software with Cross Stain Analysis Technology. The updated version allows users to analyze multiplexed 2D gels with an internal standard.

The Scan

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The Associated Press writes that vaccines against COVID-19 saved an estimated 20 million lives in their first year.

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NPR reports that researchers have found and characterized a bacterium that is visible to the naked eye.

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Moderna says its bivalent SARS-CoV-2 vaccine leads to a strong immune response against Omicron subvariants, the Wall Street Journal reports.

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In Science this week: a collection of mouse models of primary liver cancer, and more.