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Agilent Technologies, Advanced Chemistry Development, Biacore


Agilent Technologies and Advanced Chemistry Development are integrating updated ACD/Labs AutoChrom and ChromGenius software with Agilent ChemStation software and 1100 Series HPLC system for joint release. AutoChrom will be a fully automated version of ACD/Labs method development suite.

The first release of the product will only be compatible with Agilent ChemStation. ChemStation users will be able to push task lists from ChromGenius to Chem Station. ACD/Labs software supports Agilent’s electronic formats for LC and MS data, allowing the import of data from ChemStation into ChromManager or Method Development Suite. Users will also get ACD/Labs Chromatography Applications Database, from which they can retrieve separation methods.

Biacore presented a paper at the International Mass Spectrometry Conference in Edinburgh, UK last week demonstrating a system that combines Biacore 3000 surface plasmon resonance with mass spectrometry to identify interaction partners of a protein obtained via ligand fishing.

Biacore 3000 includes automated analyte binding, recovery, digestion and sample prep for a variety of mass spec applications, including MALDI-TOF, TOF/TOF, MS/MS and LC-ESI MS/MS. Analyte recovery, with direct sample deposition onto the MALDI plate, and SPR-MS experiments are carried out with the help of software.

The SPR-MS combination using Biacore 3000 has been field tested as part of several collaborations around the world.


The Scan

CDC Calls Delta "Variant of Concern"

CNN reports the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention now considers the Delta variant of SARS-CoV-2 to be a "variant of concern."

From FDA to Venture Capital

Former FDA Commissioner Stephen Hahn is taking a position at a venture capital firm, leading some ethicists to raise eyebrows, according to the Washington Post.

Consent Questions

Nature News writes that there are questions whether informed consent was obtained for some submissions to a database of Y-chromosome profiles.

Cell Studies on Multimodal Single-Cell Analysis, Coronaviruses in Bats, Urban Microbiomes

In Cell this week: approach to analyze multimodal single-cell genomic data, analysis of bat coronaviruses, and more.