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Agilent, Sigma-Aldrich, Qiagen, Clontech, Stratagene, NovaScreen, Waters, Frank Jellinek Jr., Helen Stimson, Aaron Geist


New Products

Agilent introduced this week its 1200 Series liquid chromatography system. The system replaces the company's 1100 Series LC, which was introduced in 1995. According to Agilent, the new HPLC system provides up to 20 times faster analysis and 60 percent higher resolution than conventional LC systems.

The new LC system features more than 70 new Rapid Resolution High Throughput columns and a new pump that can handle flow rates from 0.05-5 milliliters per minute, and up to 600 bar pressure, Agilent said. The system also features a new degasser, autosampler, column compartment, and UV and MS detectors.

The 1200 Series LC is reverse-compatible with the 1100 Series LC, so that customers can combine new and existing modules, Agilent said.

The new HPLC system will be available for order Feb. 1.

Sigma-Aldrich introduced this week its ProteoPrep 20 Plasma Immunodepletion Kit. The kit removes 99 percent of 20 high-abundant plasma proteins using a proprietary multivalent antibody affinity media presented in a spin column format, the company said. Overall, the kit removes 97 percent of the protein mass in human plasma.

Qiagen released this week its AllPrep RNA/Protein Kit designed to purify total RNA and native protein simultaneously from the same sample of cultured cells. The purified protein performs well in downstream applications such as Western blotting and enzyme assays, the company said.

According to Qiagen, the AllPrep spin-column-based procedure enables purification of RNA and protein form a single cell sample in less than 40 minutes.

Clontech released last week its Antibody Array Nanoscale Buffer Kit designed for researchers who have limited amounts of sample but want to assay hundreds of cellular proteins in a single experiment.

According to Clontech, the kit offers a gentle, nondenaturing method for preparing total protein extract from limited amounts of samples, including samples with as few as 1,000 cells obtained from fine needle aspirate, serum, or tissue. The protocol, from sample preparation to data acquisition, can be completed in one day, the company said.

Stratagene has launched PathwayArchitect, a pathway-analysis software package that includes a database of more than a million biological interactions. The software uses a new method called the Relevance Interaction Network to predict interactions, Stratagene said. The method begins with a protein list "and identifies the network of proteins and small molecules which are most statistically related to the biology of the protein list," the company said. The algorithm can be used to identify binding complexes, transcriptional regulation networks, and small molecules. PathwayArchitect currently supports MySQL and will "shortly" support Oracle databases, Stratagene said. The software can be installed on the desktop or deployed as an enterprise-level solution, and is compatible with Mac, Windows, and Linux.

NovaScreen this week launched KinaseAdvisor, a screening panel of 48 protein kinase assays. According to NovaScreen, KinaseAdvisor is the most sensitive assay panel available for kinases. NovaScreen performs KinaseAdvisor assays on the Caliper LabChip 3000 platform, which uses electrophoresis instead of antibodies as the basis of the assay.

Waters announced this week additions to its SunFire HPLC columns. The new SunFire C18 and C8 reversed-phase silica-based columns are now available in 2.5 micrometer particle sizes, as well as 3.5, 5, and 10 micrometer particle sizes.

Movers & Shakers

Frank Jellinek Jr., chairman emeritus of Fisher Scientific International, died Tuesday morning in a plane crash at the McClellan-Palomar Airport in Carlsbad, Calif.

Jellinek was 60 years old. He is survived by his wife, two children and two grandchildren.

Jellinek was a veteran in the scientific-research industry with more than 40 years of experience. He was appointed chairman emeritus following the 2004 merger of Apogent Technologies and Fisher Scientific International.

Agilent Technologies has named Helen Stimson vice president and general manager of global consumables for the company's life sciences and chemical analysis business, Agilent said this week.

Stimson is a 24-year veteran of Agilent and Hewlett-Packard. She was previously global consumables business program manager.

PerkinElmer has appointed Aaron Geist vice president, business development, the company announced last week.

Geist was formerly director and senior research analyst at Robert W. Baird. He has a PhD in microbiology and molecular virology from Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia and BS degrees in genetics and biology from the University of Western Ontario.

The Scan

UCLA Team Reports Cost-Effective Liquid Biopsy Approach for Cancer Detection

The researchers report in Nature Communications that their liquid biopsy approach has high specificity in detecting all- and early-stage cancers.

Machine Learning Improves Diagnostic Accuracy of Breast Cancer MRI, Study Shows

Combining machine learning with radiologists' interpretations further increased the diagnostic accuracy of MRIs for breast cancer, a Science Translational Medicine paper finds.

Genome Damage in Neurons Triggers Alzheimer's-Linked Inflammation

Neurons harboring increased DNA double-strand breaks activate microglia to lead to neuroinflammation like that seen in Alzheimer's disease, a new Science Advances study finds.

Long COVID-19 Susceptibility Clues Contained in Blood Plasma Proteome

A longitudinal study in eBioMedicine found weeks-long blood plasma proteome shifts after SARS-CoV-2 infection, along with proteomic signatures that appeared to coincide with long Covid risk.