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10 Largest Proteomics-related ARRA Grants for FY 2009 by Dollar Amount


Principal Investigator: Amanda Paulovich et al.
Organization: Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
Project Title: Measurement of cancer-associated biomarker proteins in complex biological samples
Amount for FY 2009: $3,205,35
Project number: 1RC2CA148286-01

Principal Investigator: Leroy Hood et al.
Organization: Institute for Systems Biology
Project Title: Complete human peptide and MRM atlas
Amount for FY 2009: $2,274,767
Project number:1RC2HG005805-01

Principal Investigator: Richard Smith
Organization: Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Project Title: A proteomics research resource for integrative biology
Amount for FY 2009: $2,000,000
Project number:3P41RR018522-07S1

Principal Investigator: Akira Chiba
Organization: University of Miami, Coral Gables
Project Title: In situ protein-protein interaction networks (PIN) of neurons
Amount for FY 2009: $1,674,855
Project number:1RC2NS069488-01

Principal Investigator: Benjamin Cravatt et al.
Organization: Scripps Research Institute
Project Title: A quantitative proteomics platform to characterize the nicotine-dependent brain
Amount for FY 2009: $1,543,823
Project number:1RC2DA028845-01

Principal Investigator: Pavel Pevzner
Organization: University of California, San Diego
Project Title: Center for computational mass spectrometry
Amount for FY 2009: $1,285,619
Project number:3P41RR024851-02S1

Principal Investigator: Spyridon Artavanis-Tsakonas
Organization: Harvard Medical School
Project Title: The protein complex map of the Drosophila proteome
Amount for FY 2009: $990,000
Project number:3R01HG003616-05S1

Principal Investigator: Immport Therapeutics
Organization: Luis de la Maza
Project Title: Scanning Chlamydia proteome for vaccine antigens
Amount for FY 2009: $973,681
Project number:2R42AI072847-03A1

Principal Investigator: Andy Weiguo Tao
Organization: Purdue University
Project Title: Acquisition of a high-resolution Orbitrap mass spectrometer for analysis of prote[ins]
Amount for FY 2009: $968,680
Project number:1S10RR025044-01

Principal Investigator: Howard Schulman
Organization: PPD
Project Title: Advancing proteomic analysis of CSF in nervous system diseases
Amount for FY 2009: $962,458
Project number:1RC2NS069502-01

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