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Recent NIH Proteomics Awards in FY 2005, as of June

Recent NIH Proteomics Awards in FY 2005*
Principal Investigator
Project Title
Bamdad, Cynthia C
Minerva Biotechnologies
Nanoparticle System for High Throughput Proteomics
Bogler, Oliver
University of Texas MD Anderson
Cancer Center
Proteomic Study
of Novel Platinum Compounds in Glioma
Buhimschi, Irina A
Yale University
A Proteomics Computational Approach to
Preterm Delivery
Clemmer, David E
Indiana University Bloomington
New Proteome Technologies: Mapping Adult D. melanogaster
Conboy, John C
University of Utah
Chiral Imaging for
High Throughput Proteome Screening
Cunningham, Kathryn
University of Texas Medical Branch Galveston
Targeted Proteomics of Stress and Addiction
Drake, Richard R
Eastern Virginia Medical School
Proteomic Profiling
for Influenza Vaccination/Infection
Felgner, Philip L
University of California Irvine
Scanning the
F. tularensis Proteome for Vaccine Antigens
Fisher, Susan J
University of California San Francisco
Cataloguing the Human Salivary Proteome
Gygi, Steven P
Harvard University Medical School
A Proteomics
Approach To Protein Ubiquitination
Jablonski, Monica M
University of Tennessee Health Science Center
Proteomic Analysis
of the Retina
Johnson, Lincoln V
University of California Santa Barbara
Genomics and Proteomics for
Vision Research
King, Jonathan M
Trinity University
Proteomics of Inflammation at
the Epithelium.
Li, Song
University of California Berkeley
Proteomic Profiling
of Stem Cell Differentiation
Limbach, Patrick A
University of Cincinnati
Hybrid Transform
Mass Spectrometer
for Proteomics
Lipkowitz, Michael S
Mount Sinai School of Medicine of NYU
Proteomic Predictors Of AASK Renal Disease Progression
Liu, Jialing
Northern California Institute of Research & Education
Proteomics Study of Neurogenesis Signaling After Stroke
Lubman, David M
University of Michigan at
Ann Arbor
Liquid Proteomics for Marker Screening of Ovarian Cancer
Muddiman, David C Mayo Clinic
College of Medicine, Rochester
Ovarian Cancer Screening Using Comprehensive Proteomics
Peng, Junmin Emory University
Quantitative Approach to Postsynaptic
Density Proteome
Rindler, Michael J New York University School of Medicine
Proteome of Pancreatic Zymogen Granules
Jonathan S
Activx Biosciences
Activity-Based Proteomics for Toxicological Analysis
Sadar, Marianne D British Columbia Cancer Agency
Genomic and Proteomic Analysis
of Prostate Cancer
Samyellowe, Tobili Y Cleveland State University
Analysis of the Plasmodium Merozoite Rhoptry Proteome
Simmer, James P University of Michigan at
Ann Arbor
Proteomic and Genetics of Enamel and Dentin
Strongin, Alex Y Burnham Institute
Pericellular Proteolysis in Malignancy
Watts, Julian D Institute for Systems Biology
A Proteomic Approach for Early Diagnosis
of Diabetes
Williams, Bryan Rg Cleveland Clinic Lerner College/
Integrated Proteom Works System
Wong, David T University of California Los Angeles
Human Salivary Proteome
Woods, Anne C University of Alabama at Birmingham
Syndecan-2 Proteoglycan Regulation of
Matrix Assembly
Zangar, Richard C Battelle Pacific Northwest Laboratories
Proteomic Identification of NAF Biomarkers
Zhang, Hui
Yale University
Regulation of Replication Checkpoint by Proteolysis
Zhang, Jing
University of Washington
Proteomic Studies in Parkinson's Disease

* Data compiled between April 18, 2005 and May 22, 2005.
Source: NIH office of extramural research.
This site lists extramural awards in fiscal year 2005 by state/foreign site.

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