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Erisyon Wins $189K Michael J. Fox Foundation Grant for Protein Biomarker Discovery

NEW YORK – Single-molecule protein sequencing firm Erisyon has been awarded a $188,720 grant from the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research to use its technology to detect and validate biomarkers for early detection of Parkinson's disease.

Developed in the labs of Eric Anslyn and Edward Marcotte at the University of Texas at Austin, Erisyon's technology brings the sensitivity, throughput, and scalability that next-generation DNA sequencing is known for to proteomics, according to the company.

Erisyon claims that the technology's sensitivity is 1 million times better than the current gold standard, mass spectrometry, and is scalable to at least 1 billion individual peptide measurements per run. The technology can also discriminate sample concentrations as low as a zeptomole, and can identify and quantify individual proteins and their isoforms.

"Our single-molecule assay will help untangle the mysteries of using alpha-synuclein as a potential diagnostic biomarker," Erisyon CEO Talli Somekh said in a statement. "This technology can help to identify the smaller aggregate proteins that cause Parkinson's before they form large, insoluble particles in the brain. With the support of the Michael J. Fox Foundation, our study aims to quantify very accurately the biomarker for Parkinson's at a much earlier stage of the disease."