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Denator Collaborating with Maastricht University on Sample Preservation for Imaging Mass Spec

NEW YORK (GenomeWeb) – Sample preservation firm Denator said today that it has entered a two-year collaboration with Maastricht University's Maastricht MultiModal Molecular Imaging Institute (M4I). 

The collaboration is aimed at developing and evaluating new sample stabilization approaches for clinical applications with a focus on imaging mass spectrometry applications.

Denator's main product is a heat stabilization-based technology that allows for additive-free preservation of biological samples. According to the company, its technology permanently halts tissue and molecule degradation immediately after sample collection. Consistent prevention of sample degradation is key to improving the reliability of biomarker research and testing.

In collaboration with M4I researchers led by Ron Heeren, head of the facility's division of imaging mass spectrometry, Denator will work to apply its approach to collection and preservation of samples for imaging mass spec work. The parties will also undertake work on identifying new markers for measuring tissue degradation.

"Diagnostics and analytics for personalized medicine will greatly benefit from a standardized approach to stabilize samples, as this enables a validated comparison in and between patient groups," Heeren said in a statement. "Tissue stability and reproducible sample preparation for peptide and protein imaging experiments on clinical tissue is also a key element of molecular imaging MS, one of the core technologies within M4I."

Heeren and his group's work focuses on applying imaging mass spec as a diagnostic tool in oncology, neurology, and cardiovascular disease.

Financial and other terms of the agreement were not disclosed.