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Product Introductions by BCW Index Companies at the ASMS 2006 Conference

Several firms covered by BioCommerce Week unveiled new instruments and related products this week at the American Society for Mass Spectrometry Conference in Seattle. The table below provides a synopsis of the product introductions.

Product Introductions by BCW Index Companies at the ASMS Conference
Agilent   6100 Series of Single-Quad mass spec instruments. Four in the series of smaller, lower-priced mass spectrometers.
6510 Q-TOF LC/MS. Agilent claims a 10-fold sensitivity advantage over other instruments in its class.
3100 Offgel Fractionator. Co-developed with DiagnoSwiss, the system fractionates proteins and peptides for LC/MS analysis.
Multiple Affinity Removal System 7. An LC system that removes seven of the most abundant proteins in human plasma, unmasking previously undetectable proteins, according to Agilent.
GeneSpring MS. The software enables researchers to import, store, and visualize GC/MS and LC/MS data.
Applied Biosystems/MDS Sciex LightSight software for metabolite identification.
Cliquid software for food testing using LC/MS/MS
Bruker Daltonics 15 Tesla refrigerated FTMS magnet for protein characterization.
ClinProTools 2.1 and flexImaging 2.0 software packages, which merge statistical analysis on MALDI-TOF profiling spectra with molecular images of tissue distributions of peptide and protein biomarkers.
WARP-LC 1.1 software suite for quantitative proteomics using isotope labeling.
Bruker Daltonics/
Serva Electrophoresis
ICPL Triplex kit. The kit enables quantitative proteomics of three independent proteomes using Isotope Coded Protein Labels.
Thermo Electron Accela high speed chromatography system. The system optimizes 1.9 µM column particle technology and delivers chromatographic separations from conventional to ultra high pressures of up to 15,000 psi.
LTQ XL Linear Ion Trap Mass Spectrometer for drug discovery and proteomic applications.
TSQ Quantum Access Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer for environmental and food safety markets.
High-Field Assymetric Ion Mobility Mass Spectrometry technology for high-sensitivity bioanalysis.
SIEVE label-free, differential expression analysis software for LC/MS analyses. Other software introductions included MetWorks, BioWorks 3.3, and ProSightPC.
Waters Synapt High Definition MS System. The system employs new ion-mobility technology and software to enable the analysis of sample ions differentiated by size and shape, as well as mass.
Acquity TQD. The system is a tandem quadrupole UPLC/MS/MS.
Q-Tof Premier MSE — an acquisition mode that collects both exact mass precursor and product ion information from a single injection in a data-independent manner.
A new configuration for the firm's MALDI Q-Tof Premier mass spectrometer incorporating a 200-Hz solid-state laser and advanced software.
AutoPurification system.
The Scan

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A new analysis has found hundreds of studies with incorrect nucleotide sequences reported in their methods, according to Nature News.

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Time magazine reports on the use of mRNA to deliver CRISPR machinery.

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In Nature this week: a low-cost tool to detect infectious diseases like malaria, and more.