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TriLink Biotech Licenses dNTPs to Lucigen for Use in Hot Start Master Mix


TriLink Biotechnologies said today that it has licensed its CleanAmp dNTPs to Lucigen for use in its new PCR master mix.

Under the agreement, Lucigen will use the CleanAmp dNTPs in its Taq98 Hot Start 2X MasterMix. TriLink said that replacing standard dNTPs in a PCR assay with CleanAmp dNTPs can help achieve a hot start reaction, which in turn can help reduce mispriming, primer-dimer formation, and other common deleterious off-target effects in PCR.

"We have found that CleanAmp dNTPs improve the performance of a number of thermostable DNA polymerases, allowing for simple conversion of any assay to a hot start version," Natasha Paul, a scientific investigator with TriLink, said in a statement.

Lucigen's new Taq98 Hot Start 2X Master Mix is designed for customers seeking to amplify difficult DNA templates, including targets with greater than 70 percent GC content. The product is expected to be available for sale in mid-August.

"We believe Taq98 represents a great combination of performance, ease-of-use, and value for the customer," Lucigen President Jeff Williams said in a statement. "The addition of the hot start feature has significantly increased the market for this product."