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Rubicon's PicoPlex Amplification Technology Validated for Single-Cell IVF Analysis in ESHRE Study


Rubicon Genomics said this week that the European Society for Human Reproduction and Embryology's pre-implantation genetic screening task force has validated its PicoPlex linear whole-genome amplification technology for use in detecting chromosomal abnormalities in human eggs.

The study, presented during ESHRE's annual meeting this week in Rome, combined PicoPlex WGA kits with BlueGnome's 24sure in vitro fertilization microarrays and demonstrated that the combined approach could enable noninvasive testing of human eggs before fertilization.

The results not only have the potential to improve the chances of pregnancy for couples undergoing IVF, but also point toward opportunities for research and diagnostic testing of single cancer cells and stem cells, according to Rubicon CEO James Koziarz.

"Single cell analysis is expected to grow explosively in the next five years and we anticipate that PicoPlex will be a key player in that growth," Koziarz said in a statement. "We look forward to participating in prospective clinical studies to further validate these improved PGS procedures designed to enhance IVF success rates."

In the ESHRE PGS task force study, clinical centers in Italy and Germany determined that the Rubicon/BlueGnome approach could detect abnormalities in human eggs 90 percent of the time.

Specifically, more than 226 eggs from 41 women were analyzed to identify 37 eggs that had the correct number of chromosomes, Rubicon said.

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