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Product Watch: Sygnis Pharma's Qualiphi DNA Polymerase; Fluorogenics' Generix Master Mix


Sygnis Pharma said this week that a patent covering its flagship product, Qualiphi DNA polymerase, has been granted by the US Patent and Trademark Office.

The patent, US No. 8,404,808, "Phage phi29 DNA polymerase chimera," was awarded last month to Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas of Madrid (PCR Insider, 3/28/2013). Sygnis has a license to the patent, a company spokesperson said. In 2012, the company granted an exclusive global license, including sub-licensing rights, to Qiagen to commercialize the product in the DNA amplification market.

Qualiphi is an upgraded version of the Phi 29 DNA polymerase used in isothermal amplification, Sygnis said. The new polymerase improves complete DNA amplification from minimal concentrations — including those found in a single cell — and reduces reaction time to two hours, the company said.

Fluorogenics this week launched the Generix lyophilized PCR master mix.

Generix is an ambient-stored core PCR master mix suitable for a range of conventional and real-time PCR applications. The dried PCR reagent instantly dissolves and is compatible with a range of automated dispensing robots and thermal cyclers, including those with glass capillary formats, the company said.

The master mix is stable for up to two years at room temperature and may be used to amplify DNA templates using a full-length Taq polymerase exhibiting 5'-to-3' exonuclease activity, the company said.

For applications requiring hot start, reverse transcriptase, and rapid amplification, Fluorogenics recommends its Cyxi and Cyxi-FAST range of products.

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