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Product Watch: MoBio's RNA Isolation Kit; TATAA, MultiD Release GenEx Version 6


Mo Bio Laboratories has launched the BiOstic FFPE Tissue RNA Isolation Kit.

The new kit enables complete lysis and extraction of total RNA from formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded tissues without the use of toxic organic solvents. Other unique attributes include room temperature-stable DNAse and a proprietary new low-elution spin filter that delivers highly concentrated RNA that is ready to use in RT-PCR, RT-qPCR, microarrays, or next-generation sequencing.

TATAA Biocenter, a provider of qPCR-based genomic services, and software developer MultiD Analyses have released GenEx version 6 for accurate analysis of qPCR data compliant with current Clinical Laboratory Standards Institute guidelines.

The new capabilites in GenEx 6 include estimating PCR efficiency, testing for outliers, testing linear model, estimating dynamic range, estimating random error, estimating limit of detection, estimating limit of quantification, estimating concentrations of unknowns, evaluation of precision, and verification of precision. Confidence intervals are calculated for all estimates.

Additional new features include transcript distribution for single-cell analysis, survival analysis, receiver operator characteristics, Wizard for ProSeek protein analysis, and 3DGene microRNA analysis, TATAA and MultiD said.