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Product Watch: GE Healthcare Illustra Single-Cell DNA Amplification Kit


GE Healthcare this week launched the illustra Single Cell GenomiPhi DNA amplification kit from.

The new kit is a simple method for producing amplified genomic DNA reliably and reproducibly, GE Healthcare said. Delivering higher genome coverage with fewer mutations than PCR-based whole genome amplification methods, Single Cell GenomiPhi enables a more accurate representation of the original genome, the company added.

In addition, the new kit has been optimized to wholly amplify genomic DNA from as little as a single cell, generating micrograms of high-quality DNA for use in downstream applications. Lysis reagents are optimized to fully release genomic DNA from the cell and subsequently denature the DNA to enable optimal amplification and coverage. Background amplification, often associated with multiple displacement amplification, is suppressed throughout the incubation so that only input DNA is amplified.

Furthermore, high-quality reagents and an optional, proprietary enzymatic clean-up step in the protocol ensure that any potential DNA contaminants introduced during setup are removed before each individual reaction, GE Healthcare said. Finally, manufacturing processes, including UV and enzymatic reagent cleanup, help to ensure that all kits are free from any detectable DNA contamination and enable sensitivity of amplification down to 1 femtogram of genomic DNA, the company said.