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Product Watch: Eppendorf Mastercycler Nexus; MyGenostics GenCap


Eppendorf this week launched the Mastercycler Nexus family of PCR instruments.

The Mastercycler Nexus has been optimized to provide excellent reproducibility, low noise emission, low energy consumption, a small footprint, and versatility across all consumable types, Eppendorf said.

Up to three of the units can be combined for higher throughput. Other technological innovations include Flexlid automatic lid height adjustment capabilities and SteadySlope-enabled synchronized heating and cooling ramp rates.

MyGenostics has introduced GenCap, a new genomic capture technology.

GenCap technology is designed to capture any part of the genome of any species, and is the first kit that can capture both sense and anti-sense strands of DNA in solution, which allows researchers to use reverse-strand confirmation to dramatically reduce false positive SNPs or somatic mutations using bioinformatics, the company said.

For instance, GenCap technology can eliminate many of the false positives in next-generation sequencing studies by reverse-strand confirmation of the somatic mutations, saving significant cost and effort for these projects. The product is also ideal for genetic testing and other clinical diagnostic applications where target region coverage is extremely important, the company said. In general, with 30x sequencing coverage, GenCap can capture more than 98 percent of the targeted genomic regions.

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