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Product Watch: Biomatrica's DNA Preservation Products; Mo Bio's PowerMag DNA Isolation Kits


Biomatrica this week launched three new products: Vacuette DNAgard blood tubes to collect, preserve, and ship DNA in whole blood at ambient temperatures; DNAstable Plus, a liquid stabilizer that preserves DNA in both liquid and dry formats; and RNAstable LD, a new version of the company's RNAstable product line that can protect RNA using a liquid-to-dry format for automation compatibility.

"The launch of Vacuette DNAgard blood tubes for collection produced under ISO 9001 standards at Greiner Bio-One [in] Austria marks an important milestone in Biomatrica's sample preservation technology," Judy Muller-Cohn, CEO of Biomatrica, said in a statement.

"By offering Vacuette blood collection tubes … we can maintain sample integrity from collection to answer and thereby minimize invalid results as a result of poor sample quality," she added.

Mo Bio Laboratories has launched its PowerMag soil and microbial DNA isolation kits for automated purification of DNA from soil, stool, microbial, and food cultures using Eppendorf's epMotion and Thermo Scientific's KingFisher automated processing systems.

The new DNA isolation kit uses Mo Bio's MagnaClear technology, which enables automated purification of DNA without surface binding to beads, which eliminates the adsorption of organic inhibitors that can occur with other magnetic bead technologies.

The kits also use Mo Bio's MagnaSwift technology for rapid, automated purification of inhibitor-free DNA; and the company's inhibitor removal technology, which removes PCR-inhibiting compounds associated with soil, stool, and food culture, including humic substances, phenolics, lipids, and polysaccharides, the company said.