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Product Watch: BD Max Extraction Kits, Master Mixes; Corning Handheld Magnetic Bead Separation


BD Diagnostics this week launched the BD Max ExK DNA-1, ExK DNA-2, and ExK DNA-3 open system extraction kits; and the BD Max DNA MMK (SPC) and DNA MMK open system master mix kits.

These new open system reagents, for use on the BD Max molecular testing system, are designed to be used together to standardize testing and improve laboratory workflow, BD said.

The BD Max open system extraction kits are optimized for specific sample types and enable laboratories to standardize and automate user-defined protocols, the company said. The reagent strips included in the ExK DNA-1, ExK DNA-2, and ExK DNA-3 are designed to extract DNA from serum/plasma, cerebrospinal fluid/dry swabs, and swabs in universal transport medium/urine, respectively.

The BD Max DNA MMK (SPC) kit contains master mix tubes with primers and probes to detect the sample processing control from the extraction reagents; while the DNA MMK kit does not include these primers and probes.

The BD Max is a fully automated, benchtop system that performs cell lysis, nucleic acid extraction, and PCR set-up, amplification, and detection. It is designed to accommodate a broad range of molecular tests — including in vitro diagnostic assays and laboratory-developed tests — as well as user-defined protocols and life science research applications.

Corning this week introduced its Axygen IMAG handheld magnetic beads separation devices for sample prep in life science research.

The Axygen device uses an automated magnetic bead-based separation process to simplify and speed up nucleic acid purification and clean-up, cell-based assays, and antibody and protein purification.

Magnetic separation devices are traditionally not optimized for manual use, and most require electric-powered liquid handling systems, Corning said. The Axygen IMAG device is available in either single-tube or 96-well microplate format, and can separate biomolecules in less than 30 seconds, Corning said.

Corning has also introduced magnetic bead-based kits to make next-generation sequencing library preparation more efficient. The AxyPrep Mag PCR Normalizer Kit, for example, utilizes a paramagnetic bead-based purification system for PCR clean-up and allows researchers to skip the time-consuming quantification step. This can reduce the typical seven-hour process by up to one hour, and enables users of low-throughput next-generation sequencing systems to prepare libraries at the same level of efficiency as automated NGS users without making a large capital investment, Corning said.