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Product Watch: Ahram Biosystems' Palm PCR F1-12; Integromics' OmicsOffice


Ahram Biosystems this week launched the Palm PCR F1-12, an economy model of its portable PCR system.

According to Ahram, the Palm PCR F1-12 provides three speed levels delivering 30-cycle PCR amplification ranging from 30 minutes to 24 minutes. The amplification sensitivity reaches to near-single-copy level with a dynamic range of up to 1 kilobase pair. Like other Palm PCR instruments, it is battery-powered, providing more than four hours of continuous operation on a single charge; and has high temperature uniformity (less than +/- 0.1° C), a small footprint (71 mm x 121 mm x 47 mm), and light weight (350 g).

The system is priced in the "mid-$3,000" range, and includes the main device, a rechargeable battery, and other accessories.

Ahram, based in Seoul, Korea, but with offices in Sunnyvale, Calif., announced the US commercial launch of its original Palm PCR system last April (PCR Insider, 4/21/2011).

Integromics this week launched its OmicsOffice platform for analyzing and integrating genomics data from next-generation sequencing, qPCR, and microarray studies.

OmicsOffice combines Integromic’s SeqSolve software for NGS data analysis; RealTime StatMiner for qPCR data analysis; and Integromics Biomarker Discovery on the Tibco Spotfire platform for microarray data analysis.

The product completes the existing "Click and Go" automatic workflows for RNAseq-, ChipSeq-, qPCR-, and microarray-based gene expression with a set of modules for downstream integration and analysis of results from these technologies, Integromics said.

These new modules include extended and platform-independent functional analysis (featuring Gene Ontology and gene set enrichment), as well as functionality for integration of data from different platforms that enables, for example, validation of array or RNA-seq results with qPCR; or integration of miRNA expression with their corresponding target genes.

The OmicsOffice product will be available for purchase in May. Integromics said it will also provide its OmicsOffice tools free to all license holders of an Integromics product on Tibco Spotfire and to all new users until the end of the year.

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