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Product Watch: Sep 30, 2010


AnaSpec this week introduced Eurogentec's Mesa Blue qPCR MasterMix Plus for SYBR assay in the US.

The master mix combines a high-performance Hotstart MeteorTaq and an inert blue dye. The inert dye does not affect the PCR reaction and considerably enhances the contrast between the reagent and plasticware, making it easier to verify master mix dispensing, especially when using white plates, AnaSpec said.

AnaSpec, based in Fremont, Calif., was acquired by Eurogentec last year.

Idaho Technology has launched the Razor Simulant Training Kit, or SIM 10, which provides functional training for operators of the company's Razor EX and Razor biothreat detection systems.

The new SIM 10 Kit is formatted exactly like Idaho Tech's 10 Target Screen Kit, a reagent kit designed for use with the Razor instruments that detects 10 Category A and Category B agents as defined by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The SIM 10 Kit also contains assays for yeast and Bacillus globigii, which are frequently used as powder or anthrax simulants in training exercises, Idaho Tech said. The SIM 10 allows trainees to practice sample collection and preparation, pouch loading, and operation of the Razor EX or Razor instruments, including data analysis.

Idaho Tech's Razor systems are hand-held instruments designed specifically for field use, and provide sensitive and reliable detection and identification of biological threats using PCR amplification, Idaho Tech said.