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Product Watch: Jun 3, 2010


Mo Bio Laboratories has launched the PowerLyzer 24 bench-top bead-based homogenizer for homogenization and lysis of any biological sample.

PowerLyzer 24 can process as many as 24 samples in 2 mL tubes in as little as 30 seconds, the company said. It features true "hands-free" operation, eliminating downtime associated with manipulating multiple samples through multiple cycles, Mo Bio said. Even difficult-to-process samples such as pine needles, seeds, spores, fungal mats, and skin are easily and effectively lysed, according to the company.

Combined with Mo Bio's nucleic acid isolation kits developed specifically for PowerLyzer 24, the instrument yields "substantial" quantities of intact DNA and RNA for downstream analysis, the company said.

Sanyo has launched the Coolrack PCR, a form-fit thermo-conductive module for 96- or 384-well PCR plates, tubes, and strips with complete contact design.

Coolrack PCR enables users to maintain uniform temperature or perform rapid temperature shift to all wells. In addition, Coolrack is highly thermo-conductive and eliminates edge effects from plates.

For ice-free cooling, users can combine the Coolrack PCR with a Coolbox microplate system and achieve hours of bench-top ice-free cooling below 4°C. Or, users can place the thermo-conductive Coolrack on top of ice, dry ice, water bath or block warmer, and the device maintains a stable temperature of 0.5°C to 3°C while in contact with ice.

The module can be autoclaved, baked, or treated with 5 percent bleach solution or RNAse-Away to prevent contamination and eliminate RNA degradation.

Porvair Sciences last week launched a new range of aluminum heat seals for PCR, storage, and life science applications.

The new foils are engineered to an exact thickness and are color-coded to enable easy identification. The pre-cut foils also are marked to ensure proper orientation and avoid potential damage to the sealing head of a thermal heat sealer, Provair said.

The company has released four foils: 229480, a 20-micron foil for easy piercing by robotic liquid handling or pipette tips; 229471, a re-sealable 38-micron foil, also easily pierced; 229470, a 70-micron non-pierceable foil with good tear strength; and 229482, an 85-micron foil for heavy duty use including storage and transport.

The Scan

UK Funds to Stay Ahead of Variants

The UK has announced a further £29.3 million to stay on top of SARS-CoV-2 variants, the Guardian reports.

Push for Access

In a letter, researchers in India seek easier access to COVID-19 data, Science reports.

Not as Cold

Late-stage trial results are expected soon for an RNA-based vaccine that could help meet global demand as it does not require very cold storage, the New York Times writes.

Genome Research Papers on Microbes' Effects on Host Transfer RNA, Honeybee Evolution, Single-Cell Histones

In Genome Research this week: influence of microbes on transfer RNA patterns, evolutionary relationships of honeybees, and more.