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Product Watch: Mar 3, 2010


Thermo Fisher Scientific this week said it will offer researchers the opportunity to use its ABgene Diamond Ultra PCR plates on a trial basis through the Thermo Fisher "plate of the month" program for March.

This ultra-rigid 384-well PCR plate features a warp-resistant polymer that ensures consistent plate dimensions during thermal cycling. This helps maintain the integrity of seals, reduces evaporation issues, and ensures easy removal of plates from thermal cycler blocks, Thermo Fisher said.

The plates also feature thin walls that ensure greater amplification efficiency by delivering rapid and consistent heat transfer; and the plates' polymer lessens splash-back during pipetting steps for accurate liquid handling even at low dispensing volumes, the company said.

The plates are also available in opaque white for enhanced sensitivity in qPCR applications.

Thermo Fisher will give away 50-packs of the ABgene Diamond Ultra PCR plates in March on a first-come, first-served basis. More information can be found here.

Pall has introduced the AcroPrep Advance filter plate, a 96-well filter plate that delivers consistency and reproducibility in diagnostic sample-prep applications such as neonatal screening and multiplexing, the company said last week.

The AcroPrep Advance's new design features include redesigned membrane-sealing technology that maximizes sample recovery and ensures even filtration rates from well to well; and a biologically inert housing that facilitates low non-specific binding of target analytes, which also maximizes sample recovery. The plate also features an optimized outlet tip that minimizes weeping during incubations and formation of post-filtration hanging drops, Pall said.

AnaSpec has launched the Mesa Fast and Mesa Blue qPCR master mixes, the company said last week.

The Mesa Fast master mixes deliver accurate, sensitive, and consistent results using a broad range of template amounts in both Fast and regular cycling conditions on all qPCR platforms, AnaSpec said.

The Mesa Blue master mixes for SYBR assays combine the Mesa Fast reagent with an inert blue dye. The ready-to-use master mixes can be used for all highly sensitive SYBR qPCR applications, allowing researchers to easily visualize dispensing errors. This is especially important when using white plates, which are known to deliver superior qPCR signals, but in which colorless reagents are hard to see, AnaSpec said.

Mo Bio Laboratories said this week that it has launched the PowerBiofilm DNA and RNA isolation kits.

The kits are designed to isolate high-quality DNA or RNA from virtually any type of biofilm sample, from dental plaque to microbial mats, Mo Bio said. The kits include a new bead tube mix, which combines both mechanical and chemical cell lysis for optimal penetration of polymeric substances commonly found in biofilms. The kits also contain Mo Bio's inhibitor removal technology that yields nucleic acids of high quality and purity and better sensitivity in PCR, RT-PCR, or sequencing.