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Munich Leukemia Laboratory Buys Fluidigm Sample Prep Systems


Fluidigm said today that the Munich Leukemia Laboratory has purchased Access Array and EP1 systems to use with Roche's 454 GS FLX and GS Junior sequencers.

Fluidigm's Access Array will enable researchers at MLL to perform high-throughput targeted deep resequencing analyses; while the EP1 system will be used for rare mutation detection studies and minimal residual disease investigations, Fluidigm said.

Access Array's integrated fluidic circuit facilitates parallel amplification of 48 unique samples, in effect preparing 48 sequencing libraries, in just a few hours, according to Fluidigm. Meantime, the EP1 system enables high-sample-throughput SNP genotyping and end-point digital PCR with extremely low running costs and a simplified workflow for low- to mid-multiplex SNP genotyping, the company said.

MLL combines diagnostic expertise such as cytomorphology, immunophenotyping, molecular genetics, and cytogenetics to provide patients with hematological malignancies with optimized, individualized, and highly reliable diagnoses.

"The number of molecular markers used to categorize myeloid neoplasms is constantly increasing," Torsten Haferlach, co-founder and CEO of MLL, said in a statement. "Amplicon-based next-generation sequencing is a suitable method to accurately detect and quantify the variety of molecular aberrations with high sensitivity. We recently have added next-generation amplicon deep-sequencing to the portfolio of molecular diagnostic tests as part of our daily routine operations."

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