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IP Watch: Thermo Fisher, Luminex, DuPont, Others Win US Patents


Life Technologies (Thermo Fisher Scientific) has been awarded US Patent No. 8,845,984, "Apparatus for and method of processing biological samples."

Joseph Amshey, Daniel Bezdek, Espir Kahatt, Alexander Khorlin, Lance Parsons, Todd Peterson, Timothy Powers, Michael Thacker, Timothy Updyke, and Kornelija Zgonc are named as inventors.

Stanford has been awarded US Patent No. 8,846,314, "Isotachophoretic focusing of nucleic acids."

Robert Chambers, Juan Santiago, Alexandre Persat, Reto Schoch, and Mostafa Ronaghi are named as inventors.

Luminex has been awarded US Patent No. 8,846,317, "Systems and methods for multiplex analysis of PCR in real time."

Douglas Whitman and Charles Collins are named as inventors.

Panasonic has been awarded US Patent No. 8,846,318, "Method for identifying olfactory receptor included in one olfactory cell."

Masato Suzuki is named as the inventor.

Clondiag has been awarded US Patent No. 8,846,313, "Assays."

Katrin Steinmetzer, Eugen Ermantraut, Torsten Schulz, Thomas Kaiser, and Thomas Ullrich are named as inventors.

DuPont has been awarded US Patent No. 8,846,349, "Sequences and their use for detection and characterization of E. coli O157:H7."

Frank Burns is named as the inventor.

Focus Diagnostics has been awarded US Patent No. 8,846,391, "Methods and compositions for detecting herpes simplex virus type 2."

Xin Su, Lilly Kong, and Wayne Hogrefe are named as inventors.

Intelligent BioSystems has been awarded US Patent No. 8,846,581, "Non-emulsion methods and masked biomolecules."

Steven Gordon and Daniel Stetson are named as inventors.

Pacific Biosciences has been awarded US Patent No. 8,846,881, "Modular nucleotide compositions and uses therefor."

Jonas Korlach and Jeffrey Wegener are named as inventors.

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A qualitative study in EJHG looks at personal, practical, scientific, and existential uncertainties in parents as their children go through SCID diagnoses, treatment, and post-treatment stages.

Antimicrobial Resistance Study Highlights Key Protein Domains

By screening diverse versions of an outer membrane porin protein in Vibrio cholerae, researchers in PLOS Genetics flagged protein domain regions influencing antimicrobial resistance.

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