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IP Watch: Recent Patents Related to PCR, Nucleic Acid Amplification, and Sample Prep: Jul 28, 2011


Illumina has been awarded US Patent No. 7,985,565, "Method of nucleic acid amplification."

Pascal Mayer, Laurent Farinelli, and Eric Kawashima are named as inventors on the patent.

Describes a process by which a nucleic acid molecule can be annealed to an appropriate immobilized primer. The primer can then be extended and the molecule and the primer can be separated from one another. The extended primer can then be annealed to another immobilized primer and the other primer can be extended. Both extended primers can then be separated from one another and can be used to provide further extended primers. The process can be repeated to provide amplified, immobilized nucleic acid molecules, which can be used for many different purposes, including sequencing, screening, diagnosis, in situ nucleic acid synthesis, monitoring gene expression, and nucleic acid fingerprinting, among other applications.

Harvard University has been awarded US Patent No. 7,985,546, "Genomic library construction."

George Church and Kun Zhang are named as inventors on the patent.

Provides compositions and methods for amplifying nucleic acid sequences and/or constructing a genomic library from a single cell.

Delta of Hørsholm, Denmark, has been awarded US Patent No. 7,985,540, "Method, chip, device, and system for extraction of biological materials."

Gert Jensen, Lars Thomsen, and Oene Veltman are named as inventors on the patent.

Relates to a method, chip, device, and system for extracting biological material form cells. The invention involves exposing the biological particles to an alternating electric field in a sample chamber and may also involve subsequent analysis of the biological material after the extraction.

The Scan

Not as High as Hoped

The Associated Press says initial results from a trial of CureVac's SARS-CoV-2 vaccine suggests low effectiveness in preventing COVID-19.

Finding Freshwater DNA

A new research project plans to use eDNA sampling to analyze freshwater rivers across the world, the Guardian reports.

Rise in Payments

Kaiser Health News investigates the rise of payments made by medical device companies to surgeons that could be in violation of anti-kickback laws.

Nature Papers Present Ginkgo Biloba Genome Assembly, Collection of Polygenic Indexes, More

In Nature this week: a nearly complete Ginkgo biloba genome assembly, polygenic indexes for dozens of phenotypes, and more.