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IP Update: Recent Patents Related to PCR, Sample Prep, and Nucleic Acid Amplification: Mar 23, 2010


US Patent No. 7,682,792. Detection of nucleic acids from multiple types of human papillomaviruses.

Inventors: Sylvia Norman, Jennifer Bungo, William Hanna, and Neeraj Rao

Assignee: Gen-Probe

Discloses nucleic acid oligonucleotide sequences which include amplification oligomers and probe oligomers useful for detecting multiple types of human papillomaviruses associated with cervical cancer. The patent also discloses methods for detecting multiple HPV types in biological specimens by amplifying HPV nucleic acid sequences in vitro and detecting the amplified products.

US Patent No. 7,682,818. Apparatus for separating and purifying nucleic acid and method for separating and purifying nucleic acid.

Inventors: Toshihiro Mori, Yoshihiko Makino

Assignee: Fujifilm

Describes an apparatus for separating and purifying nucleic acids which comprises: 1.) a cylindrical syringe having a leading end part in which a first opening part is formed, a base end part in which a second opening part is formed, and an accommodation part between the first and second openings that is able to hold liquid; 2.) and a solid phase-holding member connected to the leading-end part and forming a flow hole at the leading-end side of the solid phase-holding member. The solid phase-holding member accommodates an organic polymer having a hydroxyl group on its surface; and the solid phase is able to adsorb and desorb nucleic acids in a sample solution. Lastly, a pressure sensor capable of detecting the pressure in the accommodation part is connected.

US Patent No. 7,682,824. Holder for PCR sample collection and preparation.

Inventors: Douglas Greene, Carrie Holmes

Assignee: Smiths Detection

Describes a holder for PCR sample collection and preparation that has a buffer container housing removably connected to a plunger housing. A swab attached to an end of a plunger collects a sample of a specimen to be analyzed for biological warfare agents. The swab and plunger are inserted into the plunger housing, a buffer container is positioned inside the buffer container housing, and the buffer container housing and plunger housing are attached. A buffer passes through the swab and elutes off the sample, which mixes with a reagent. The prepared sample loads into a reaction tube, by a whipping action, for analysis. The patent also provides methods of using said sample collection and preparation holder.

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