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BioServe Joins DNA Genotek Partner Program


Genomic research service firm BioServe said today that it has joined Genotek's partner program after validating its Oragene DNA saliva collection kits.

As a DNA Genotek partner, BioServe, based in Beltsville, Md., can now offer its customers a comprehensive testing platform for extraction and genetic analysis for Oragene DNA samples.

BioServe said that it has validated the Oragene DNA kits for use within its DNA extraction and genotyping service, including sample quantification and normalization; whole-genome amplification; multiplex-based genotyping; expression analysis; and sample archiving.

"Validating Oragene DNA kits for use with our genomics services is consistent with our goal of providing customers the highest quality and most economical services," BioServe President Rama Modali said in a statement. "Partnering with DNA Genotek, we can now offer our customers a best-in-class solution for processing Oragene DNA samples including extraction and genotyping from saliva."

DNA Genotek, based in Kanata, Ontario, Canada, kicked off its partner program in November 2009.

The program is open to technology vendors and genomics and diagnostic service providers who have demonstrated capabilities in providing services for DNA Genotek's sample-collection products including Oragene DNA, Oragene RNA, Oragene Animal and Performagene Livestock.

Fifteen companies or institutions have validated DNA Genotek's products with their service or product offerings since the program launched, according to the company.

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