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Applied Markets Watch: Promega GenePrint 10 System


Promega has launched the GenePrint 10 system for human cell line authentication and sample identification.

Tissue culture cells are often misidentified or contaminated with other cells, wasting substantial time, effort, and laboratory resources and potentially invalidating published data, Promega said. The National Institutes of Health and many journals now recommend or require cell line authentication before grant approval or acceptance for publication.

GenePrint 10 includes the eight loci recommended by the ANSI Standard Authentication of Human Cell Lines: Standardization of STR Profiling; plus amelogenin for gender identification and the highly polymorphic D21S11 locus for additional power of discrimination. Short tandem repeat analysis begins with amplification, and the GenePrint 10 system contains all materials necessary to co-amplify human STR loci using a hot-start thermostable DNA polymerase and a robust buffer compatible with fast cycling and direct amplification from substrates.