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Product Watch: Syzygy Biotech, Mo Bio Labs, Exiqon, PeqLab, Microbiologics


Syzygy Biotech has introduced rEVAlution qPCR master mix, an environmentally safe, ready-to-use hot-start qPCR mixture.

The company purposely selected EvaGreen dye for the formulation because it is impermeable to cell membranes, making it non-mutagenic and non-cytotoxic. Thus, it is safe for aquatic life and handling, and can be disposed of directly down the drain. EvaGreen also helps rEVAlution produce stronger signals than SYBR Green dyes, the company said.

The master mix also contains Syzygy FlashTaq, a chemically modified hot-start Taq DNA polymerase recognized for its rapid action and high level of compatibility. FlashTaq can be activated in just two minutes compared to the 10 minutes required by many other formulations.

Other features of the master mix include good yield even with reactions as small as 10 µl, and fewer contamination issues due to chemically modified versus antibody-modified enzymes.

Mo Bio Laboratories this week launched PowerClean Pro DNA and RNA Clean-Up Kits.

The kits use Mo Bio's patented inhibitor removal technology, which eliminates inhibitory substances often contained in soil, water, stool, plants, seeds, biofilm, and other sample types, resulting in pure nucleic acids that are ready to use in PCR, qPCR, and next-generation sequencing.

More specifically, the new kits feature a seven-minute protocol for removing amplification inhibitors such as humic substances, polysaccharides, polyphenolics, heme, and lipids from purified DNA or RNA, Mo Bio said.

Exiqon this week launched fully customizable qPCR arrays for simultaneous detection of any microRNA, mRNA and long non-coding RNA.

The new panels use Locked Nucleic Acid, or LNA, primers for microRNA, mRNA, and lncRNA, allowing researchers to profile microRNA interactions with target mRNA or lncRNA in a single qPCR panel.

Custom microRNA, mRNA, and lncRNA assays may either be designed during the panel configuration or by adding pre-designed assays from the customer's own profile at Exiqon's website. The panels are delivered ready-to-use in microtiter plates compatible with any of the common 96- and 384-well qPCR instruments, Exiqon said.

The new product is an extension of Exiqon’s Pick & Mix microRNA PCR Panels, which enable customers to configure qPCR arrays with custom designed microRNA, mRNA, and lncRNA assays.

Peqlab Biotechnology has launched the PeqStar 96Q real-time PCR cycler.

Peqlab said that the platform offers better speed and sensitivity, experimental flexibility, and data-handling tools than other commercially available platforms. The system features an intuitive software package for relative or absolute quantification as well as SNP analysis, the company said. Other features include long-life LED lighting and PMT detection for low noise and high sensitivity; four, six or custom eight-channel design for all common fluorescent dyes; and universal 96-well plate design for standard plates, strips, and tubes.

Microbiologics, a manufacturer of prepared quality control microorganism products, has introduced its first molecular product line, Helix Elite at the Association for Molecular Pathology's Annual Meeting in Phoenix, Ariz.

These molecular standards are intended to facilitate the development, validation, and monitoring of molecular assays. The Helix Elite molecular product line currently includes 13 molecular standards for microorganisms that are difficult to grow or cannot be cultured such as Cryptosporidium and norovirus.

Helix Elite is the first product available from Microbiologics' newly-formed molecular products and services division. The synthetic standards are developed using a patented bioinformatic algorithm that combines the genetic diversity of diagnostic sequences from the target organism. The standards can be used as internal or external positive controls in a defined reaction or spiked into matrices, and are applicable for a broad range of assays and instruments.