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Product Watch: Roche LightCycler Software; Sigma Life Science OligoEvaluator


Roche this week launched new software updates, including advanced high-resolution melting analysis and qualitative detection modules, for the LightCycler 96 system.

The new LightCycler 96 module for high-resolution melting analysis will be particularly valuable in human genetic disease research applications, Roche said. It enables easy and fast detection of known and unknown gene mutations, including SNPs, deletions, and methylated regions. Meantime, the dedicated qualitative detection module for LightCycler 96 enables direct detection and validation of a target gene's presence or absence. This module also employs a novel control concept and is designed mainly for customers doing research in the field of infectious diseases, Roche said.

The company also introduced new support features for the LightCycler Nano, including advanced gene expression analysis mediated by the import of external standard curves, and an enhanced analysis method for high-resolution melting analysis.

Sigma-Aldrich said today that its Sigma Life Science business has launched OligoEvaluator, a free online tool based on Premier Biosoft's algorithms that lets scientists analyze the physical properties of oligonucleotide sequences ahead of PCR and other techniques.

OligoEvaluator calculates useful and common oligonucleotide properties, such as molecular weight and melting temperature, as well as oligonucleotide resuspension and dilution volumes. Sequences can also be BLAST searched to check for off-target hybridization, Sigma said.

The tool can be accessed here.

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