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Product Watch: New Products from Exiqon, Hamilton Robotics, Bioline, and New England Biolabs


Exiqon this week launched MiRcury RNA Isolation Kit-Biofluids for extraction of small RNAs from serum, plasma, urine, and other biofluids.

The product is the first ever specifically optimized for such applications, Exiqon said. The new kit allows scientists to obtain high-quality microRNA from virtually all types of biofluids in 45 minutes using six simple steps without the use of hazardous chemicals such as phenol and chloroform, Exiqon said.

The product is optimized to work with Exiqon’s highly sensitive MiRcury LNA Universal RT microRNA PCR platform, and is also ideal for use with urine samples together with Exiqon’s Toxicology Focus microRNA PCR Panels; for serum and plasma samples with the Serum/Plasma Focus microRNA PCR Panels; or any of the nearly 2,000 pre-validated qPCR microRNA assays available.

Hamilton Robotics has launched the Microlab AutoLys STAR workstation, which automates sample lysis and DNA extraction and improves bottlenecks for forensic scientists and other molecular biologists isolating nucleic acids from samples.

The Microlab AutoLys STAR is a new hardware, software, and consumables module for the company's Microlab STAR instrument line, and has been tested with blood, saliva, and other types of forensic specimens. The workstation includes specialized equipment such as a 2D barcode reader, Hamilton heater-shakers, new AutoLys tubes, four robotic channels to manipulate and transport AutoLys tubes, and a centrifuge. The proprietary AutoLys tubes can process up to 600 liters of sample lysate.

Bioline, a subsidiary of Meridian Bioscience, recently announced the worldwide release of its SensiFast Genotyping Kit.

Bioline said that it developed the kit for fast, precise, and highly reproducible genotyping of sequence variants, including loci with type IV SNPs. The company said that the kit's outstanding allele clustering gives high confidence in genotype calling with probe-based real-time PCR SNP detection applications. The company has validated the kit on all commonly used instruments, Bioline said.

New England Biolabs has launched NEBNext Ultra DNA and RNA kits, which produce libraries from 5 nanograms to 1 microgram of input DNA or as little as 10 nanograms of input RNA. The kits contain novel ligation reagents and an optimized polymerase to provide high-fidelity amplification and minimize GC bias, according to the company. The Ultra DNA protocol requires 15 minutes of hands-on time and can be completed in 2.5 hours, while the RNA workflow is completed in four to five hours with 30 minutes of hands-on time.