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Product Watch: Grand Interactive PCR App for Life Tech System; Hamilton's Nimbus PCR Workstation


Grand Interactive said this week that it has developed PCR Essentials, a mobile application to enable researchers and technicians equipped with iOS and Android-based mobile devices to obtain real-time performance data from Life Technologies' ProFlex PCR System, which is used in genetic research.

The custom app enables scientists and technicians to remotely monitor and review data and perform other tasks. It is an interactive tool that provides instant access to master mix calculators, how-to videos, and Life Technologies' online product catalog.

"Scientists can access their instruments during lab or off-site meetings, and instrument performance can even be monitored from home," William Grand, founder and CEO of Grand Interactive, said in a statement.

The free app is available for iPhone and iPad on the App Store. Google Play carries the app for Android phones and tablets.

Life Tech's ProFlex PCR system allows simultaneous remote access by three users to control three independent 32-well blocks. The blocks can each be used by one user or shared by different users for three different cycling conditions, even at three different times, according to the company's website.

Hamilton Robotics this week introduced the Nimbus PCR Workstation, a compact and affordable pipetting workstation enabling fast and flexible assay setup for endpoint, real-time, qPCR, or multiplex PCR.

The workstation is PCR-kit-neutral, has an easy-to-use software wizard, and suits a wide range of applications such as gene expression, genotyping, sequencing, and pathogen detection.

The workstation can quickly configure different PCR assays and can be used with basic master mixes and even restriction and ligation reaction setup. An additional feature allows for sample normalization either upstream for PCR setup or as a standalone function, such as for sample dilution or normalization, the company said.

The Instinct PCR wizard uses a graphical interface to guide users through processing gene and sample combinations. The software traces all input components, completes setup information throughout the process, and saves all data for future use. The software allows protocols to be stored, includes validation steps to increase process safety, has a flexible PCR plate-designing tool, and displays real-time 3-D deck configurations, Hamilton said.