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Product Watch: Nov 4, 2010


Qiagen has released several kits for analyzing formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded tissue samples.

The new kits include the AllPrep DNA/RNA FFPE Kit for purification of DNA and RNA from the same sample; the RNeasy FFPE Kit for gDNA free isolation of RNA; and the miRNeasy FFPE Kit for the isolation of miRNA.

In addition, the company launched new QuantiFast Probe RT-PCR kits for gene expression analysis of FFPE samples with highly fragmented starting material and the EpiTect Plus Bisulfite Kits for epigenetics research.

The company has also released a deparaffinization solution to prepare samples prior to purification of nucleic acids.

NuGen Technologies has launched the Ovation WGA FFPE System and the Ovation RNA-Seq FFPE System, which allow researchers to analyze nucleic acids extracted from formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded tissues for whole-genome sequencing and transcriptome sequencing, respectively.

The new products expand upon the company's current FFPE products, which are used for RNA analysis on microarrays. With the new Ovation kits, researchers can analyze either RNA or DNA from FFPE tissue samples using expression microarrays, array-based comparative genomic hybridization, or next-generation sequencing.

The company claims that the Ovation WGA FFPE System is the only whole-genome amplification platform that provides sufficient yields to enable analysis by both aCGH and NGS from a single reaction, while the Ovation RNA-Seq FFPE System is the first sample-prep solution for transcriptome profiling with FFPE tissue.

NanoString Technologies has launched its nCounter Copy Number Variation CodeSets, which allow researchers to interrogate up to 800 regions of the human genome in a single multiplexed reaction.

The nCounter Copy Number Variation CodeSets are based on the same digital technology that underlies NanoString's gene expression and miRNA assays, and enable researchers to perform the functional equivalent of 9,600 qPCR reactions — 800 regions across 12 samples — with only 25 minutes of hands-on time, the company said.

NanoString said that the nCounter system does not rely on analog signal output or amplification of target molecules, which distinguishes it from PCR and microarrays.

Illumina has unveiled its TruSeq sample-preparation kits for DNA, RNA, and small RNA applications and the TruSeq Exome Enrichment Kit for use with its suite of sequencing platforms.

The TruSeq sample-prep kits include master-mixed reagents and optimized adapter design and provide coverage of more than 62 Mb of the human exome, with a price of less than $300 per sample enrichment, Illumina said.

The TruSeq Sample Prep kits are available for order and are expected to ship later this month.

Agilent Technologies has launched the Agilent SureSelect XT Target Enrichment System, which combines sequencing library preparation and gDNA preparative reagents with the SureSelect target-enrichment system.

SureSelect XT products are available for enrichment of target sizes ranging from smaller than 200 kb to more than 50 Mb in a single tube. The company said that protocols support Illumina end sequencing, paired-end sequencing, and indexing protocols, as well as fragment library format, paired-end sequencing, and barcoding on the SOLiD system from Life Technologies.

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