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IP Watch: Recent Patents Related to PCR, Nucleic Acid Amplification, and Sample Prep: Feb 1, 2011


Gen-Probe and BioMérieux have been awarded US Patent No. 7,879,581, "Nucleic acid amplification and detection of Mycobacterium species."

Steven Brentano, Markus Jucker, Francisco Delgado, Philippe Cleuziat, and Marc Rodrigue are named as inventors on the patent.

Discloses oligonucleotides used to prime in vitro nucleic acid amplification of 16S rRNA sequences or DNA encoding 16S rRNA sequences for many species within the genus Mycobacterium. Also discloses kits including such oligonucleotides; and methods of detecting Mycobacterium species using the oligonucleotides in in vitro nucleic acid amplification.

Life Technologies has been awarded US Patent No. 7,879,555, "Gene expression profiling from FFPE samples."

Mark Erlander and Ranelle Saulnga are named as inventors on the patent.

Covers method and compositions related to the generation and use of gene expression data from tissue samples that have been fixed and embedded. The data can be electronically stored and implemented as well as used to augment diagnosis and treatment of diseases.

Luminex has been awarded US Patent No. 7,879,543, "Method of detecting mutations associated with thrombosis."

Susan Bortolin, Frank Merante, Daniel Kobler, Daniel Fieldhouse, Margot Boszko, Hemanshu Modi, Richard Janeczko, and Roman Zastawny are named as inventors on the patent.

Provides a method for simultaneous identifying two or more single-base changes in a plurality of target nucleotide sequences that are markers associated with cardiovascular diseases such as deep vein thrombosis. Multiplex detection is accomplished using multiplexed tagged allele specific primer extension and hybridization of such extended primers to a probe, preferably an addressable anti-tagged support.

The Scan

And Back

The New York Times reports that missing SARS-CoV-2 genome sequences are back in a different database.

Lacks Family Hires Attorney

A lawyer for the family of Henrietta Lacks plans to seek compensation from pharmaceutical companies that have used her cancer cells in product development, the Baltimore Sun reports.

For the Unknown

The Associated Press reports that family members are calling on the US military to use new DNA analysis techniques to identify unknown sailors and Marines who were on the USS Arizona.

PLOS Papers on Congenital Heart Disease, COVID-19 Infection Host MicroRNAs, Multiple Malformation Mutations

In PLOS this week: new genes linked to congenital heart disease, microRNAs with altered expression in COVID-19, and more.