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IP Watch: Life Tech, GE Healthcare, BioMerieux, Qiagen, Others Win US Patents


Applied Biosystems (Life Technologies) has been awarded US Patent No. 8,649,982, "Automatic threshold setting and baseline determination for real-time PCR."

David Woo, Clinton Lewis, and Nasser Abbasi are named as inventors.

Life Technologies has also been awarded US Patent No. 8,648,179, "Enzymatic nucleic acid synthesis: compositions and methods for inhibiting pyrophosphorolysis."

Susan Hardin, Xiaolian Gao, James Briggs, Richard Willson, and Shiao-Chun Tu are named as inventors.

GE Healthcare has been awarded US Patent No. 8,648,187, "Single method for separation of double-stranded and single-stranded nucleic acids from the same sample."

Miao Jiang is named as the inventor.

BioMerieux has been awarded US Patent No. 8,647,858, "Automated system for the lysis of microorganisms present in a sample, for extraction and for purification of the nucleic acids of said microorganisms for purposes of analysis."

Patrick Broyer, Agnes Dupontfilliard, Massimo Galdiero, Michel Guy, Hermanus Kreuwel, Emiliano Maione, and Emiel Verwimp are named as inventors.

Postech Foundation has been awarded US Patent No. 8,647,823, "Polynucleotide synthesis on a modified surface."

Joon-Won Park and Bong-Jin Hong are named as inventors.

Intel Corporation has been awarded US Patent No. 8,647,821, "Method and apparatus for combined electrochemical synthesis and detection of analytes."

Hernan Castro, Gordon Holt, Brandon Barnett, Handong Li, Narayanan Sundararajan, and Wei Wang are named as inventors.

Qiagen has been awarded US Patent No. 8,647,593, "Magnetic microplate assembly."

Fei Yin and Bandele Jeffrey-Coker are named as inventors.

Rheonix has been awarded US Patent No. 8,646,482, "Microfluidic pump and valve structures and fabrication methods."

Peng Zhou and Lincoln Young are named as inventors.

The Scan

Should've Been Spotted Sooner

Scientists tell the Guardian that SARS-CoV-2 testing issues at a UK lab should have been noticed earlier.

For Martian Fuel

Researchers have outlined a plan to produce rocket fuel on Mars that uses a combination of sunlight, carbon dioxide, frozen water, cyanobacteria, and engineered E. coli, according to Gizmodo.

To Boost Rapid Testing

The Washington Post writes that new US programs aim to boost the availability of rapid at-home SARS-CoV-2 tests.

PNAS Papers on Strawberry Evolution, Cell Cycle Regulators, False-Positive Triplex Gene Editing

In PNAS this week: strawberry pan-genome, cell cycle-related roles for MDM2 and MDMX, and more.