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IP Watch: IntegenX, Roche, Hologic, Life Tech, Others Win US Patents


The University of Massachusetts has been awarded US Patent No. 8,748,088, "Methods of monitoring treatment effectiveness in HIV-infected patients receiving intensified HAART regimens by measuring episomal 2-LTR circles."

Mario Stevenson is named as the inventor.

Focus Diagnostics has been awarded US Patent No. 8,748,092, "Methods and compositions for detecting BK virus."

Fan Chen, Lilly Kong, Jules Chen, and Mehrdad Jannatipour are named as inventors.

The Regents of the University of Minnesota have been awarded US Patent No. 8,748,096, "Spinocerebellar ataxia type 8 and methods of detection."

Laura Ranum, Michael Koob, Kellie Benzow, and Melinda Moseley-Alldredge are named as inventors.

The Chinese University of Hong Kong has been awarded US Patent No. 8,748,100, "Methods and kits for selectively amplifying, detecting or quantifying target DNA with specific end sequences."

Yuk Lo, Yu Tong, Wai Chiu, and Chunming Ding are named as inventors.

454 Life Sciences (Roche) has been awarded US Patent No. 8,748,102, "Bead emulsion nucleic acid amplification."

Jan Berka, Yi-Ju Chen, John Leamon, Steve Lefkowitz, Kenton Lohman, Vinod Makhijani, Jonathan Rothberg, Gary Sarkis, Maithreyan Srinivasan, and Michael Weiner are named as inventors.

Sequenta has been awarded US Patent No. 8,748,103, "Monitoring health and disease status using clonotype profiles."

Malek Faham and Thomas Willis are named as inventors.

Gen-Probe (Hologic) has been awarded US Patent No. 8,748,133, "Compositions, kits and related methods for the detection and/or monitoring of Listeria."

Michael Reshatoff, Kristin Livezey, and James Hogan are named as inventors.

Rice University has been awarded US Patent No. 8,748,147, "High processivity polymerases."

Yousif Shamoo and Siyang Sun are named as inventors.

IntegenX has been awarded US Patent No. 8,748,165, "Methods for generating short tandem repeat (STR) profiles."

Mattias Vangbo, William Nielsen, Iuliu Blaga, Michael Nguyen, and Steven Jovanovich are named as inventors.

Arkray has been awarded US Patent No. 8,748,590, "Oligonucleotides for detection test of polymorphism of EGFR exon 19 and use thereof."

Aki Iguchi is named as the inventor.

Life Technologies has been awarded US Patent No. 8,748,947, "Active chemically sensitive sensors with reset switch."

Mark Milgrew is named as the inventor.

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Mendelian gene candidates could be flagged for further functional analyses based on tissue-specific transcriptome and proteome profiles, a new Journal of Human Genetics paper says.

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Mosaicism may affect preimplantation genetic tests for aneuploidy, a single-cell sequencing-based analysis of almost three dozen embryos in PLOS Genetics finds.